Pathways to Success

Garden Spot High School

Zane Kauffman – Assistant Manager – Co-Op

Hi, my name is Zane Kauffman, I started working here at Kauffman’s in Bird in Hand,  in the summer of 2017. I started out by making boxes in the orchards for the peaches to be sold. After that summer, I was put in the retail store where I got to work with the fruit and…

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Karli Stoltzfus – Business Management Internship

My name is Karli Stoltzfus and I am an intern at Clark Associate The Restaurant Store. The store is located at 2209 Old Philadelphia Pike. Working in the store has been very eye-opening to me for many different reasons. I am so glad that I had this opportunity to learn about business and how they…

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Ethan Devine – Business Management Co-Op

My Name is Ethan Devine and I am involved in the co-op program through Garden Spot High School. I am a senior this year and intend on completing my second half of the year by working a full day through the program. I could have graduated early and completed high school but decided to stay…

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