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How to Apply for an Internship

Are you interested in getting an internship for your senior year?  If so, please follow the steps below.

Steps To Follow to Apply for an Internship

  1. Course Selection:  (January-February) You may add “Internship” to your schedule for your senior year during course selection.  However, please note that adding this course does not guarantee that you will have an internship.  You need to complete the process below.
  2. Schedule a Meeting:  (March) Schedule a meeting with Ms. Hackman ( to discuss your career goals and to ensure that an internship is the right fit for you.
  3. Review:  (March) Review the available internship opportunities.  This page will be updated frequently as businesses communicate their intention of offering an internship, so check back often!
  4. Apply:  (March) Complete an application for your internship.  Click here to complete the application.
  5. Take the Quiz:  (March-April) Take the Internship Interview Quiz.  Your interview will NOT be scheduled until you successfully complete the Internship Interview Quiz.  Send Ms. Hackman an email after you complete your quiz so we may schedule your interview (
  6. Practice:  (March-April) Keep practicing.  Review the resources on the Interview Preparation page of this website.  Continue to practice answering practice interview questions.
  7. Interview:  (April-May) Complete your interview with the business.  The business will reach out to you and me a few days after your interview to let me know if you will be offered the internship position.
  8. Complete the Paperwork:  (April-May) I will need your personal email address, the name of your parent/guardian that will complete the paperwork, and their personal email address to move forward with the Internship Training Agreement and Training Plan.  Your mentor will also need to submit their clearances.  After the paperwork is complete, you will be approved to begin your internship in the semester that was decided.
  9. Meet with School Counselor:  (April-May) Schedule a meeting or send an email to your school counselor to ensure that the course “Internship” is in your school schedule.
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