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Skylar Hynson – Physical Therapy Internship

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to be an intern at NovaCare Physical Therapy in New Holland. This experience has allowed me to grow as a person and gain experience working in the medical field. It has so far provided me with more clarity as to what I hope to accomplish in my future career.

At my internship, I have various responsibilities that contribute to improving the workplace. I often complete more simple tasks such as organizing equipment, wiping down machines, cleaning up rooms, and filing paperwork. Although, there is plenty of time for me to interact with the patients and assist them. Whether it’s teaching them an exercise and helping them onto a machine, or simply starting a conversation with them while they are waiting for the therapist to attend to them. I have met so many people that I am able to see week after week as they progress.

I believe that this internship has allowed me to grow in multiple areas. I feel as though I have grown as a person through my ability to interact and socialize with those around me. I am able to interact with so many patients and coworkers each time I attend my internship. These communication skills will be essential as I enter college and any job I choose in the future. In addition, I have certainly grown in my knowledge of what it is like to work in the medical field. Specifically, my thoughts on physical therapy have grown and I am more aware of the duties of a PT.

This internship has certainly brought clarity to my own future and career. Through my increased knowledge of Physical Therapy, I am positive that I want to enter into the medical field. I love to work with people, helping them to better themselves. I enjoy being on my feet and having a variety of tasks. This internship has also expanded my desire to explore other career options within this field. I look forward to completing this internship over the next few months and seeing where this experience leads me.


jhackman • April 7, 2024

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