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Kristen Whitmoyer – Social Work Internship

My name is Kristen Whitmoyer, and I am an intern at Cross Net Ministries. I work closely with Lisa Kerstetter, mainly with the Christmas Gift Program, but also with anything else Lisa may need help with. This internship has been an amazing opportunity and has changed the way I look at our community, in an amazing way.

I go to my internship every Monday and Wednesday. I start at 11:30 and stop anytime between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm. When I get into my internship, I talk to people around the office, see how they are doing, and also if there is anything big going on today. I then head up to the office I share with Lisa and her office mate. I then talk with Lisa and see how she is doing, as well as find out what I need to accomplish throughout the day.

My main tasks are inputting the family information who are enrolling in the Christmas Gift Program. This program allows families in need to submit their children’s Christmas wish list, and donors will buy items off their wish list for them to open on Christmas. This program allows all kids to have presents to open on Christmas day.

Being a part of Cross Net has been an amazing opportunity. Cross Net is built of people who care and want to help. Outside of Cross Net, people in the surrounding community come together to help those in need through Cross Net. Whether donating food, clothes, money, or even volunteering at events. Seeing the way our community comes together to help each other, makes me look at our community in a different and brighter light.

From the beginning of this experience, I learned so much from Lisa and everyone involved at Cross Net. The experience you get at Cross Net is one that you cannot get anywhere else. I am super thankful for this experience, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of my internship will unfold.


jhackman • November 6, 2023

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