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Olivia Scare – Medical Internship

My name is Liv Scarle, and I am serving my internship at Friendship Community. Friendship Community is an organization that has group homes for individuals who have intellectual disabilities. I have had the amazing opportunity to work in two group homes as an activity aid and direct services personnel (DSP). I have actually been working at Friendship since May of 2022 because I was initially offered a job there as an activity aid. I have since transferred to a DSP because of turning 18.

My job duties as an activity aid included helping the on-shift DSPs with tasks such as cleaning, doing dishes, or making dinner. I also was able to do activities with the individuals living in the homes such as coloring, going for walks, going to the movies, or watching TV with them in their homes. However, since I was under 18, I was not allowed to do any direct care with the individuals. Now that I am 18 and a DSP, I can be more involved with individuals’ daily routines such as helping them take medications or helping them bathe. Friendship Community has several different group homes where the individuals require different levels of care. When I started, I began at a high-functioning house where the individuals did not need as much help going through daily routines. I now have moved homes since beginning my internship and transfer as a DSP where the individuals in the home require a higher need of care.

Working for Friendship Community and working with individuals has changed me completely. I believe it has made me a more caring and compassionate person. My job has also taught me to have patience. I also never really knew how to cook before working here. I have since learned to make homemade meals for lunch and dinner like crockpot dinners, homemade mac n cheese, and teriyaki chicken. I have also accumulated a great amount of knowledge since working for Friendship such as how to care for adults with disabilities and how to do household chores.

Overall, this experience has changed me and has challenged my ways of thinking. I enjoy being able to help and serve my community through working for Friendship Community. I will continue pursuing a career in the medical field. This is a very rewarding job to see the smiles on the individuals’ faces.


jhackman • May 8, 2023

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