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Angela Nuse – Medical Internship

I am Angela Nuse, and I am interning at Friendship Community. My house is located on Sheep Hill Road in New Holland. This is my second semester interning with them, and I am gaining a lot of new information. I am interning here to get a closer look at what a career in the medical field may entail.

My daily tasks vary every day. I have two individuals in the house I work in, both with very different needs. My common tasks are going to medical appointments, helping individuals with hygiene, cooking/cleaning, and just talking with individuals! Our biggest duty is to make the house feel like home. On Sundays, we go to church, because it is something the individuals enjoy. We also make sure that the house is very clean and organized.

While it is not necessarily a “project”, something new I just finished learning was my new role as a  DSP. This new position provides many new wonderful opportunities. I am now able to work more hands-on with individuals and help them do many more tasks. I am also now allowed to drive company vehicles, which allows me to go out into the community with individuals.

This internship experience has allowed me to grow in many ways. I have learned a lot about the medical field. Going to medical appointments has given me the opportunity to see different jobs that I may be interested in. I really enjoy working with the individuals in my house, and I am planning on continuing to work here after school!


jhackman • May 8, 2023

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