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Maica Mesana – Medical Internship

Hi! My name is Maica Mesana and this semester I am interning with Friendship Community. I have the opportunity to work in one of their residential homes in New Holland as an Activity Aide. Friendship is a non-profit organization that provides services to individuals with disabilities. I have the privilege of helping in a home with four individuals, though I don’t see each of them every day.

Typically on the mornings I come in, there is only one or two individuals home since the others work during the day, which is a cool accommodation they have here at Friendship. Each day, I greet everyone at home and sit with them. It is typically the same thing every day since the individuals appreciate routine: coloring, talking about their day, eating their daily snack, and more. On more mellow days, we enjoy watching movies and listening to Annie the Musical. On a few occasions I had the opportunity to accompany them to appointments and get a look at how those go. Those trips were very interesting and I am grateful for that privilege.

This internship has been a great experience so far. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the residents and employees. It is cool to see and speak to people who have worked in residential homes for a while. This side of healthcare is something I never would have even thought about, but this internship gave me a new perspective and I now have more things to contemplate when thinking about my future career.

My future career goals have not changed from this internship; I still want to become a nurse. However, it has sparked a desire to explore different opportunities I will have as a nurse. I am looking at different specialties and areas I can work in and am excited to see where my interests will take me. I am grateful for my internship with Friendship because it showed me doors that I never knew existed.


jhackman • January 2, 2023

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