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Garden Spot High School

Jade Miller – Library & Art Internship

Hi! I’m Jade Miller and I’m interning at the LCM at Garden Spot High School. The LCM, (learning media center), is the school’s library and is a space for all. I work with Kelsey Means the librarian and Wendy Weaver the Liberian assistant. Alongside them I help with book return/checkout, reshelving, displays, maker space, and managing small projects.

I work five days a week during my fourth block for 90 minutes each day. Of all the tasks I do, my favorite one is helping with maker space. Maker space is a small part of the library used for projects and art. Students can make their own stickers, buttons, and shirts, and even design a 3D print. The Cricket is one of the most useful tools we have in the library. It helps with maker space and other tasks that involve precision. we currently have two crickets, nine 3D printers, and one button machine.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t the type to enjoy reading until I found the series Animal Ark. A whole new world opened that day thanks to my elementary school librarian helping me find a book I loved. Since then I’ve been reading nonstop, and love sharing my passion with other people. This internship helps me connect with other bookworms and help kids find their genre of book. The environment is amazing, and it feels like a family and community. Being around kind and strong people has helped me face new challenges and hardships.

This experience has taught me I enjoy working in a close nit setting and love being able to have my coworker’s backs. Even though I’m going for an art degree, this will be something I’ll always be passionate about. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an education/ligature degree or for someone who’s a bookworm like me. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to grow and help me better understand what my future will be.


jhackman • January 2, 2023

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