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Dominic Graham – IT Internship

My name is Dominic Graham, and I am interning at the ELANCO school district’s technology department, which is located in the high school/middle school building. My general role there is repairing student laptops’ screens, keyboards, and other things that might be broken. In addition, I also work at the helpdesk to help students who might need assistance with their laptops.

Currently, my main job in the department is to prepare for the tech sale we’re hosting this fall. To do so, I gather different computers, projectors, mice and keyboards, microphones, and other tech items and give them a good cleaning, making sure they’re all factory reset, and that they are taken out of the school’s inventory system. This has been enjoyable for me, as I get to test out new and old tech that the school is selling that I’ve never had my hands on before, such as things like projectors or old audio control panels.

This experience has taught me a lot about how it looks to be in the IT industry, working with all sorts of equipment and hardware, and the types of work you do as an IT specialist or for a job in computer repair. I’ve learned how to efficiently fix a laptop, learned more about the parts and components of computers, and about some of the types of softwares the school uses to keep everything running properly.

In conclusion, I’m really happy with the choice of my internship, and to be working in an area that I’m passionate about such as technology. I can’t wait to start college next year, I’ll definitely be taking an IT major!!


jhackman • December 19, 2022

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