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Garden Spot High School

Adam Hahn – Construction Co-Op

At Country Lane Gazebos, I further my education through working. My name is Adam Hahn, and I am an employee at Country Lane Gazebos which is in New Holland on Jalyn Drive. I am also a student at Garden Spot High School. Through a school program called Co-Op, I get my necessary credits in the morning before going to work in the afternoon. I am blessed with this opportunity to learn at school, work, earn money, and prepare myself for working full time.

I work in the pergola department at Country Lane. I have many tasks that can change daily. Through my assortment of different tasks, I have learned what it takes to make the wonderful works of art that customers love. I have made and helped assemble different parts of the pergola such as the posts, post skirts, post caps, webbing, arches, hip rafters, jack rafters, and much more. The parts I help build need to be completed in a timely fashion so that they are ready for the customers by the expected date.

The Co-Op program has been essential to helping explore career paths and learning valuable lessons. I went to different companies to see what want to do and what I don’t. It has given me insight into the path I want to take with my future. I’ve explored options such as trade schools, apprenticeships, diesel mechanics, car mechanics, and different construction fields. It has been overall very helpful for my career choices. During the class, we went over things like resume writing, mock interviews, income tax and pay stubs, health insurance, budgeting, mortgages, retirement, and how credit works. It has been one of, if not the most, important and influential classes I have taken.

Overall, I am so grateful for this experience and am thankful for great teachers, friends, and coworkers. This class has helped me with my future and helped me grow and learn about real work situations. It has also helped me realize that a labor job is right for me. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the school year turns out with graduation right around the corner and the beginning of working full-time starting soon.


jhackman • January 10, 2022

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