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Alex Diedrich – Physical Therapy Internship

My name is Alex Diedrich and I currently have an internship at NovaCare Rehabilitation in the New Holland Health Center as a physical therapy technician (PTT). I am very fortunate to be able to interact with great patients and the staff who clearly love their jobs! This internship has made me certain that I want to pursue this career path and makes me excited for all the opportunities that it will present me in the future!

A typical day for me begins with checking in the office and meeting up with my mentor, Janelle Sevilla, a physical therapy assistant (PTA). Typically, she is working with a patient so I step in and observe, and, depending on who the patient is, I might take over and work the patient through their exercise plan. After I am done with that, I may find rooms that need to be cleaned, exercise equipment that needs put away or wiped down, or escort patients into the office to begin their appointment. Every interaction I have with either a patient or employee is memorable because it gives me tools that will be needed in my career path. I have found that some of the hardest problems produce some of the best experiences and education! Overall, my day can fluctuate greatly depending on what needs to be completed around the office, however, I have a relatively consistent plan on what needs to be accomplished that day.

This internship has taught me so many important lessons. Ranging from my interactions with patients to a “lesson” taught by a staff member, there has never been a moment where I have not learned something new! I have greatly appreciated how open the staff, especially Janelle, has been with me, including providing answers to my countless questions! Some of the biggest things I have learned over the course of my internship has been patience, hard work, and thinking outside of the box. Patience is key in this line of work because some people may be unable to understand how to do things that require you to be patient with them and keep them working towards their goals. Physical therapy does not provide instant results most of the time so it is important to stay patient. Moreover, the patient needs you to work relentlessly and there is no room for less than 100% dedication. Finally, everyone is uniquely different, meaning you may need to do a variety of alterations to an exercise before you find one that benefits the patient. This internship has made me 100% sure that I have picked the right career path and makes me look forward to it!

Physical therapy is a wonderful and rewarding career path for anyone looking to do good for others. I am beyond thankful for my internship at NovaCare Rehabilitation and all the wonderful opportunities they have provided me and I look forward to making the journey towards being a physical therapist!


jhackman • May 13, 2020

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