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Alex Nieves – Marketing & Journalism Internship

Hi, my name is Alex Nieves and I am a Journalism/Marketing Intern in the Marketing Department of Garden Spot Village, located in New Holland. I have always had a passion for writing, and after taking a journalism course in my first semester, I was given the amazing opportunity to continue building my skills in this internship. At first, I was reluctant to accept the internship due to uncertainty regarding the skills I needed for it, but I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made in the end! In the internship, I work with other members of the Marketing Department to spread communication both within and outside of Garden Spot Village; this includes emails, important announcements, social media posts, magazine articles, and more!

Every day is truly unique; I have different tasks to complete, such as creating Facebook posts, writing announcements for a weekly email, proofreading, interviewing residents, and writing articles that vary from day-to-day. Some of these tasks take just a few minutes or even a couple days at a time to complete, and I also have miscellaneous jobs to complete based on special events happening around the campus. Examples of these types of jobs included creating a quiz for the annual marathon, weekly meetings with other team members, or hanging posters about the Coronavirus. Right now, I have even just started to work on a project from home, in which I am helping to write descriptions for various photos to post on the Garden Spot Village Website. There are so many different duties and assignments, it’s hard to remember and list them all!

This internship has helped me grow in so many ways. Not only has it helped me build my writing and communication skills, but it has also shown me how to work and interact with others in a professional environment. The practices and customs of a professional office space—like the one I currently intern in—are extremely different than those of a traditional classroom; it almost feels like a different world and I’m so glad that I was able to gain a glimpse in what a career will look like after graduating. I was also able to form close relationships with those I was working with every day, and I learned how much hard work and effort goes into the process of marketing and communication.

This experience has influenced my future career goals immensely. Before the internship, I had no idea what kind of career path I wanted to take in my life and no idea what I wanted for my major in college and it was extremely scary for me. This internship has given me an idea of what I want to do; I love the internship and all the jobs that come with it so much, I can’t imagine a career or future of mine without writing in it. This has finally given me some direction, and I can’t wait to explore more opportunities and classes like these in college next year! I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work in this internship, and I’m excited to see what a future in Marketing and Journalism has for me next!


jhackman • May 11, 2020

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