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Ethan Devine – Business Management Co-Op

My Name is Ethan Devine and I am involved in the co-op program through Garden Spot High School. I am a senior this year and intend on completing my second half of the year by working a full day through the program. I could have graduated early and completed high school but decided to stay for the second half to continue to use my resources and figure out my college plan. So, for now, I am continuing to work and gain more experience while looking at new opportunities for work.

My current job is the one I have had the whole time being in this program. I am a team member at Sheetz Store #231 which is located right in New Holland. My job duties consist of cleaning the inside and outside of the store by taking out the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, and cleaning the outside trash. One of the many things we worked on was helping me check in vendors and collect inventory and being able to make sure everything is the same and lined up as it is on the computer. I have grown a lot through working here because this job takes a lot of patience and focus, and it helped me in many ways people would never know.

As for my future goals I hope to achieve going to college and earning a business degree or a degree in human resources is the ideal goal. Human resources is something that really intrigued me and I really do enjoy working with people and helping people as well. My plan is to attend HACC for my first two years to complete my basic math and English courses. Following those two years, I plan on transferring to a bigger university to finish out my last two years and focus on Human Resources. I will also look to find internships and find any certifications as well that can help me to get a head start on my future career. Hopefully, after that entire process, I can find a good company to work for and help succeed and overall enjoy my job and role within the company.

With everything said this is me and what I am hoping to accomplish in the future. You can see from my current job now to what I am doing and how I am completely looking to grow and be towards the top working with the employers instead of being one. Hopefully, this can show everyone that co-op or an internship is a great place to be because it helps you find yourself more and helps you find something you want to do for the rest of your life.


jhackman • February 4, 2020

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