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Garden Spot High School

Elizabeth Charles – Secondary Education Internship

My internship is at Garden Spot High School in the Social Studies department. I am interning in Mrs. Schneider’s Civics and Government class. I wanted to do this internship because I felt that it would be very beneficial in helping me prepare for the future. I want to be a high school history teacher once I complete college. Having an internship and being able to learn more about the career I want to have has helped me to narrow down my college choices, and better plan what my future may look like.

For my internship, I work in Mrs. Schneider’s class every day for 80 minutes in her Civics and Government class. My job duties vary from day to day, but generally, they consist of grading papers and texts, copying papers, and observing class. However, as part of my internship, I also get to teach two lessons under her guidance, one of which I have already done. Getting the experience of teaching a lesson gave me a lot of insight into what being a teacher is like, as well as learning ways I could improve my teaching.

One of the main ways that I have grown during this internship is by being more confident in my speaking abilities and being able to teach a class more effectively. I have also grown in my ability to create a cohesive lesson plan with multiple parts. Being able to learn and grow in these aspects will be very beneficial when I am in college or even in my future. Receiving constructive criticism in my teaching has also helped me to grow because it allows me to understand how to improve.

Overall, having a teaching internship with Mrs. Schneider has been very beneficial to my personal goals and helped me grow. I believe that this internship will help me to be more successful in the future and the skills that I am learning and improving upon now will be something that I can use later in life. I feel as though I better understand the steps that I need to take to succeed in my career after being an intern.


jhackman • January 14, 2020

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