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Brady Conroy – Physical Education Internship

My name is Brady and I am a physical education intern at Brecknock Elementary. When I first started this internship I didn’t know what was going to be in store for my duties and projects. I later found that my mentor, Stacy Jackson, was very flexible with me and what I was going to do there. For the first few weeks I just observed the classes and got to know the names of the students. After those first few weeks is when the real fun had begun.

After I was comfortable with the classes, Mrs Jackson started to give me some time to direct the class through some short ten minute games and activities. I continued doing this for another few weeks and then was challenged to give the opening lesson for the soccer unit. I watched maybe three classes that she had taught and then it was up to me to teach them the skills that they would have to use to play soccer and have a great time in phys. ed.

As far as my daily routine is concerned, it varies depending on the unit of study. For example, in the football unit, I worked a ball launcher so the students could catch the balls after running a route. In the soccer unit, I taught them the skills and then was a referee when they started playing. Additionally, I am tasked to complete projects on occasion.  For example, I was recently assigned to reorganize the rock wall to give the students a new challenge. I took about three days to strip the wall and then put the rocks up in different places.

This experience has easily helped me grow as a person and in my future career.  I enjoy working and interacting with younger kids and getting down to their level.  I also enjoy interacting with Mrs. Jackson and her coworkers where I have had to learn to speak in a more professional way. This internship has shown me that in my future being a elementary phys. ed teacher is something I want to pursue in college.


jhackman • November 5, 2019

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