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Michael Skiles – Law Internship

I am interning at Smoker & Gard Associates (SGA), a law firm in New Holland. SGA is a civil law firm, meaning that they handle family and business law. I have many different responsibilities and frequently get to experience new things. The environment in the firm is very inviting and I have felt very welcome in the company. My mentor is Nicole Gard, an attorney at the firm and the daughter of one of the leading attorneys in the firm.

My internship at SGA has been very interesting thus far. At the beginning of my time here I mainly entered files into the company system. This includes entering all details of the case and the client in attempts to digitize the exorbitant amount of paper files taking up space in the office. This is a task that I still do now and then in between projects because there are always files to be entered. Once I became comfortable with the company’s systems, I began getting different projects. As I get more comfortable in the position I progressively get more complicated and in-depth projects.

Once I began getting more in-depth projects, the internship picked up quite a bit. These projects began with drafting letters for clients, a project that happens frequently for different projects. Once I ensured that all of the details were correct in the letter, I create postage both to send to the clients and an envelope for them to send the required forms back to the firm. I have also created forms that are used by the firm in documenting client information as well as helping fill out these sheets. Every day is different, so walking in I don’t usually know what I will be doing until I get my tasks from Nicole.

I have enjoyed the sort of unpredictability of the internship so far because it keeps things interesting, it isn’t just the same thing day after day. I think that this internship is very useful for people interested in going into law because it shows how there are a lot of details and a lot of work involved in the law. Personally, I plan on going into law enforcement after my time in the Marine Corps. I am doing this internship to get an insight into the legal system before I dive into it in that capacity and I think it has been very valuable.


jhackman • April 8, 2019

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