My Garden

My Garden

My Garden is a really beautiful place where
Students can do their work and look at beautiful flowers.
My garden will be in between fourth and sixth grade classrooms.

The flowers that I will use in my garden are sundrops I picked sundrops because it is a bright flower and for me yellow is a happy color.and Mountain laurel is a pink flower and it is hadry ever green shrub erupts in May and june.

The tree I will use in my garden is a dogwood tree.
They bloom and when they bloom it is so petty. It is good in PA and. It turns white or pink. and it is a really good tree Why beacause It survive the cold and the hot thats why.

The garden furniture. We will have alot of tables for all the students. We will aso have a swing for students to have fun and so they can study and relax.

The Titanic Boat

The Titanic Boat


My name is Gabby I was on titanic. I was In

Second  class it was fun to on the ship. I met a lot of people and we talked a lot we told lots of stories.

On the second Day I woke up in my cabin.

I eat breakfast almost everybody was awake. the band was there. the music was good the food was good I said exalt .


A few Days past It was night time. I was on the Deck I was outside with my friends. I heard a bang I thought it was noting But I heard people screaming .I saw water coming in the boat  was sinking they send out life but they said ladies go on first so i did. a few hours past I saw some of my friends die .but Know the titanic boat look like this.