native american

I am Native American boy and I live in the arctic. We live in an igloo. It is very cold here. I wear  furs and boots to keep me warm. During the day my jobs are to keep the house warm by keeping the fire going. We cook our food over the fire. Today, my dad told me to go fishing so that we would have fish for dinner. So, my friend, Kane and I went fishing. We caught 20 fish. That is enough for everybody for two days! After we cleaned the fish we cooked it over the fire. It tasted good. After dinner, I cleaned up the mess and went to bed.

thanksgiving letter

Thanksgiving letter famly




I love my family because they help me. Also they play with me. They let me run around the house.


I am thankful for dogs because they cuddle with me. They save people’s lives. They are very playful.


I love God because he gives us eternal life. He also gave us a family. God also gave food.