May 5

What is the Census?

Have you ever heard of the Census and wondered, what is the Census? Well, I’m here to tell you!

The Census is a group of people in the government that count all the people who live in the USA every 10 years. The Census is very important because if we didn’t have it schools and companies would not be able to operate properly. See, if the Census does not count all the people in the USA correctly then they can’t fund the schools and other buildings with the money they need. I know, kind of confusing! Anyway, those are the reasons why the Census is here and what they do.

April 26

What we can do to take care of our earth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

In our daily lives, we don’t always think about taking care of our earth. We just do our normal routines and go about our day, but what if we could change that…Here are some examples of ideas you could do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to care for our earth.

Daily: To take care of our earth daily you could pick up any trash you see on the ground every day.

Weekly: Throughout the week we could save all of our can bottles and other things and recycle them. This way we are not throwing away things that can be recycled.

Monthly: Every month if you are near a  beach you to the beach and clean up as much trash as possible. Put all the trash in a big trash bag and put it in your dumpster, if any of the trash you pick up can be recycled, recycle it instead.

Yearly: During the year try and not use your car as much ride a bike to work if you work close to your house, or ride the bus to work instead of using your car.

These are some ways you can help our earth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

By: Brianna Noel

April 14

Is it fair for farmers to raise the price of the eggs?

I believe that it is fair that the farmers raised the price of the eggs. I think this because if the farmers have a low supply of eggs for a while then they must raise the prices for the eggs that they have left. This is also known as supply and demand. If the farmer is at a low supply of eggs then he/she must raise the prices of the eggs. As you can see this is why I think that it is fair that the farmers are raising the price of the eggs.

March 11

New York Aquarium

After visiting the New York Aquarium on July 22, 2019, I have a lot to share about the experience!


The New York Aquarium is located in Brooklyn, New York.  The aquarium opens from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Admission costs $39.95 per person, and there is a parking lot just outside of the aquarium. When you go you should wear lightweight/ layers of clothing depending on what time of year it is. Because the park is near the ocean I would suggest bringing a sweatshirt because of the breeze from the ocean. You should also wear sneakers, you will be walking around a lot so if you have small children I would also suggest bringing a stroller or something to carry them in. You could bring your own food or snacks or you could buy the food in the park. Remember to pick up your trash so that none of it goes into the exhibits. Bring water bottles and a camera, you will want to take lots of pictures of the amazing wildlife in the exhibits.


If you decide to visit the aquarium I suggest seeing the sea lion show. You and your kids will get a kick out of the sea lions performance and will not hesitate to take a video.

You could also go and see the shark exhibit to see how amazing these creatures are. You will also get to use touchpads to learn facts about the sharks. You will also enjoy seeing the giant sea turtles and colorful fish. Just outside of the aquarium there is a boardwalk that leads to a small beach. I also recommend seeing the 4D movie about sea creatures and underwater life.


The amount of time you may need to see the aquarium would be 1 to 2 days depending on what you are interested in seeing. Lastly, here is what I thought about the New York Aquarium, my family, friends, and I all enjoyed it. We especially loved going to the beach and dipping our feet into the water. 


  • Brianna Noel