April 26

What we can do to take care of our earth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

In our daily lives, we don’t always think about taking care of our earth. We just do our normal routines and go about our day, but what if we could change that…Here are some examples of ideas you could do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to care for our earth.

Daily: To take care of our earth daily you could pick up any trash you see on the ground every day.

Weekly: Throughout the week we could save all of our can bottles and other things and recycle them. This way we are not throwing away things that can be recycled.

Monthly: Every month if you are near a  beach you to the beach and clean up as much trash as possible. Put all the trash in a big trash bag and put it in your dumpster, if any of the trash you pick up can be recycled, recycle it instead.

Yearly: During the year try and not use your car as much ride a bike to work if you work close to your house, or ride the bus to work instead of using your car.

These are some ways you can help our earth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

By: Brianna Noel

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