Mr. Karcheski

Who is Mr. K?

I am a teacher with 17 years of experience.  I have had the chance to teach children from 2nd grade through 6th grade.  I also coached wrestling for 10 years at Garden Spot, so I also had a chance to work with kids from 2nd all the way to 12th graders.  My favorite subjects to teach would be science and social studies.  Reading and math are excellent too because they are both necessary to learn more about science and social studies.  This summer I started learning to play the banjo, taught two classes at the Science Factory, and traveled through New England with my family.

This year we will be using the Reminder application to help keep parents/guardians “in the loop” for tests, assignments, and important updates.

Please use this url:

If you need to reach me please call 354-1520 or email:




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