These are the math units we will be studying throughout the year:

  • Unit 1 Module 1): Place Value, Rounding, Fluency with Addition and Subtraction Algorithms of Whole Numbers
  • Unit 2 (Module 3): Multiplication and Division of up to a Four-Digit Number by a One-Digit Number using Place Value
  • Unit 3 (Module 5): Order and Operations with Fractions
  • Unit 4 (Module 6): Decimal Fractions
  • Unit 5 (Module 2): Unit Conversions: Addition and Subtraction of Length, Weight, and Capacity
  • Unit 6 (Module 4): Addition and Subtraction of Angle Measurements of Planar Figures
  • Unit 7 (Module  7): Exploring Multiplication
  • Unit 8: Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Place Value to the One-Thousandths


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