ELA Class

17 – 18 School Year




16 – 17 School Year


Direct instruction –

  1. We are learning about the elements of a fictional story.
  2. Also at direct we did a kidbiz article about Thomas Jefferson and how he should get praised on the nickel  
  3. I compared and contrasted the story about the Lorax as a book and a movie. In both stories the climax is when the Once-ler cut down the last truffula tree and this is important because there will be no more to grow if they are all gone.

Independent –

1.Kidbiz and I got 88% on evan Thomas Jefferson even made mistakes

2.We are also doing compass and I learned about comparing and contrasting.

3. Also wordly wise I learned the word flexible and that means to bend easily.

Collaborative –

  1. We are doing figurative language posters
  2. We are also making game boards my groups is called mansion run
  3. We also did 7E in are worldly wise and I learned about octopus and how they spray a black substance to run away that predator.     





I’ve worked very hard on my person of the year project, I even made it into a slide show about Jackie Robinson. Also, at independent I learned that an author has to reread their stories at least 10-15 times on compass learning.The reason why they do that is so they don’t make any mistakes in their stories.


I learned that Donald Trump won person of the year in 2016. I also, learned that the person of the year doesn’t always have to be a good person and it doesn’t have to be a person at all.It could be a computer or a robot.


In collaborative I’m working on our figurative language board game, it is called Dead Zone! Also I learned that there is more than one definition for drama.





  1. I was working on making definitions of figurative languages with my partners
  2. Me, and my partner are creating a game board for the ABC’S of literature, and we are using monopoly

Direct Instruction-

  1. My group, and I were throwing this big dice at each other, and on each side of the dice were questions, that we had to answer about the three little pigs P.O.V., and then the story of the wolf’s P.O.V.
  2. I was working on a scholastic news article about person of the year


1.I was working very hard on my person of the year essay, and it was pretty fun, My person of the year I chose was Martin Luther King Jr.

2.I was working on an Achieve article about person of the year, and was highlighting the most important things in the article







  1. I got a 88% on a kid biz article on “Elephants On The Move”.
  1. I did my thought question on a robot taking over a human teacher.


  1. Me and my partner Aaron made a gingerbread story on a disney theme. The main characters are Minnie and Stitch.
  1. Before we did our own story we read about other gingerbread stories.


1.We are learning about oreo writing which is opinion,reason,examples and restate your opinion.

2. We brought in something in that describes you and I brought in a Milky Way and a Hugs drink. I brought those in because I love Milky Ways and my pop always says that I’m the world’s best hugger.

3. We are also learning about elements of poetry, my favorite is mood because I like to know what the author is trying to tell you.

Picture of our front cover of the gingerbread story.

Picture of my kid biz article.

Picture of elements of poetry packet.

Darci –

Direct instruction –

  1. We are doing a OREO project on pets should be allowed in school , shorter school days and there should be no homework
  2. We also doing about inferences about ourselves   
  3. The last thing is that we are working  pomes


  1. Me and my partner Sophia are doing a gingerbread story that is called the movie gingerbread
  2.   Working on Pssa prep paper


1. I am working on a article on kidbiz called disney opens park in china

2.We are also working on compass learning

Haylee – 

In indy we worked on the thought question for robot teacher and learned that robots and humans are alike a different in many ways.

And we worked on two sessions of compass and learned about evidence.

In collaborative we worked on making gingerbread story organizer and learned how to use the organizer.

Then we made our own gingerbread story and learned how to make a story.

In direct we worked on learning on how to use a oreo organizer for opinion writing and finding the main idea of small passages.

Our Marvelous Destination Project. Each group choose a location from around the United States and researched about some interesting sights to see in that area. Students did a wonderful job researching and presenting them to the class.


  • One student in each group has created a personal blog about what they have accomplished and learned over the past two weeks in each one of the stations in the classroom. Enjoy 🙂

Weeks of December 10th to February 3rd

      Ayden Shepard


I read an achieve article and it was called “what is behind this door”.I learn about animals,very old people and new inventions on kid biz 3000.I did compass learning and I learned more about how to annotation and figurative languages like idioms,similes and hyperbole.


I am working on a collaborative project and it is about Yellowstone National Park and I am doing a project on it. I learned that Yellowstone has a geyser and it is called Old Faithful .Here is a fun fact on Yellowstone: there is a super volcano under Yellowstone. At Yellowstone the is a waterfall called tower fall.We are doing scholastic article in collaborative and it is about the pipe that travels threw North Dakota.


I am working on a figurative language packet at direct with Mr.Beebe.The figurative language that I learned was a hyperbole,allusion and a simile.Here is an example of a simile I am as fast as lightning.Here is an example of a hyperbole I have so much homework. Here is an example of a allusion Dorothy’s shoes are the color of my pen.



In independent I played spelling city and practiced my words some of the words I learned the words Arkansas, Florida , and garbage

Also I went on compass and I learned about homophones and it gave me questions and I answered them and got them all right a homophone is two words that sounds the same but are spelled differently.

Direct –

In direct I reviewed the scholastic news called robot diver close reading questions I learned that scientists are sending robots to the ocean because the scientists can’t swim that far down so they made robots that can.

Also in direct we we talked about Greek and Latin prefixes we learned a bunch of new words and the meaning of those prefixes. Like non means not.


We graded partners tic tac toe I graded Savannah’s  she got a 30/30 so did I the three activities I did was hidden words, 4 times, and a story she did the same activities . We usually grade them during Independent. I learned some words they were Arkansas, Florida , garden and other words.

We did a collaborative project we picked Maui Hawaii out of a bunch of others like the Grand Canyon, New York, Disneyland, Yellowstone and Maui Hawaii. We learned how to say goodbye in Hawaii it is maholo.

That is what we did I hope you enjoyed.


Weeks of October 31st to December 2nd


Independent: I learned what 1st and 2nd hand accounts are. Stories that are written from a time in the author’s life are 1st hand accounts of the topic that they are writing. A 2nd hand account is something that an author writes from research, not a time in his or her life.

Collaborative: I did my RACER packet, articles: Florida manatees, Judy Blume, and wonder. I also did the worldly wise 4e article and crossword with my partner. View from the summit plot- chart and exposition. And me and my partner went over what we were going to do the next day.

Direct: I did the Latin and Greek root packet, and read: view from the summit, and I found my partner with the same expedition as me and we started writing our plot chart together.

I took the picture of the achieve 3000 article, the Latin and Greek worksheet, and the view from the summit plot chart.

andrew andrew2



Independent-  4 Frayer boxes, I learn grace,modest,active,cherish.

-2 achieve articles ,Tree stink,Bird brains not these birds, I learn that rooks are really smart they could use different tool to solve difficult problems.

Collaborative- RACER packet and I learn what was happening to Florida manatees and why they were endangered. -Wordly wise 4e article and the questions on the back, I learn that Sechang was not able to walk and that she had a disease call polio.

Direct- Plot chart, Exposition 1.conflict 2.setting 3 characters, Rising action, Resolution. – Review 4a ,4b, 4c,4d wordly wise vocabulary.

mya mya2 mya3



Indy- I learned that scientists did 3 experiments on a crow, I learned it on achieve 3000. I did annotations for Goodbye, Mr. Hockey.    

Collaborative-  Wordly wise 4E, I learned that a girl named Suhang chan contracted polio and fought it.I learned there are 3 different type’s of Manatee’s.  

Direct- A view from the summit. I learned that 2 men named Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing went on an adventure, climbing a mammoth mountain.

jewel jewel2 jewel3



Weeks of October 4th – October 28th

Flyers:  Blogger Tasks!


1. KidBiz: Article See the Sea.

2.Compass: learning about Synonyms.         


1.Looking through newspaper for the  Author’s purpose.

2.Posters 8 steps of how to make something or do something.


1.Writing a narrative story.

2. There are 5 different parts of a plot there is Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling action, and Resolution.

By: Charley Martin






  1. I completed my Frayer Boxes and learned Synonyms and Antonyms
  2. I completed  Worldly Wise Pages: 3B, 3C, 3D


  1. I learned that Lewis and Clark traveled around the east and west.
  2. I read the story ‘’ Lewis and Clark and answered questions.


  1. I learned that P.I.E means Persuade, Inform, Entertain
  2. I learned that there are 5 different parts of the Plot: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution.

By Bennett John Heinlein


bh1 bh2


By Jazlyn Hoadley


  1. Checking the week’s homework.  
  2. Kid biz: The article is about 300 African American started a started a town called Allensworth. It is placed in California.


  1. I learned that teamwork can do a lot of stuff to get this done.  
  2. We do  also do projects on author’s purpose.


  1. I learned that there can be two authors purposes for author’s purpose.
  2. I learned about plot. There is the Expedition then the rising action then the climax after that three is the falling action finally the resolution.


Weeks of September 19th – October 3rd

Avery Smith:)      Sabers Group

Independent 1: I worked on my personal narrative.

Independent 2: I learned that the native american tribe built a view deck  on the grand canyon.


Collaborative 1: I learned about Rosa parks.

Collaborative 2:I learned about Usain bolt.


Direct 1:I learned about racer.

Direct 2:I learned about my vocabulary.

avery avery2 avery3



Aaron Simpkins        Avalanche Group


1. We learned about homophones.

2. We the finished the frayer boxes.


1. We did the Olympics poster, I thought is was fun. Bennett Jewel and Christian Did Katie Ledecky. Aaron (me)  and Joelle did Simone biles and Haylee Adyen and Andrew did Usain bolt.

2. At collaborative we did a article about  Rosa parks and we did racer about Rosa parks.


1. We did some page in our vocab books.

2. We also did racer.  Racer is a writing tool . Racer is a abbreviation for   .



Cite the evidence

Explain or elaborate

Restate or relate

aaron1 aaron2 aaron3


That what we’ve been doing for the last two weeks.


Darci Musselman Flyers

Indy –

  1. At independent I do kidbiz3000 one of the articles I did was, “Plants help animals survive” .
  2. I also did my Frayer boxes

Collaborative –

  1. At collaborative I did the olympic poster.
  2. Also did the Rosa Parks article.

Direct –

  1. At direct I did RACER
  2. I also learned my vocab words.


darci darci2 darci3


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