October 16

My Perfect Day.

My perfect day would be awesome. It would be one of the first days of summer vacation. When I wake up I would eat breakfast and go outside and play basketball. Then a little later I would go to a basketball camp that I had went to the year before. My friend Elijah and cousin Evan would go too because they both like basketball as well. Then at basketball camp we would do the most fun stuff then watch the tournaments at the end. Then when it is over we would leave and Elijah would come to my house as well as my cousin Evan and my friend Dimitriy. We would play a bunch of basketball and football. Then that night my cousin Evan and his brother Cole would sleepover and we would watch the Warriors win game 4 of the NBA finals to sweep the Cavaliers 4-0 in the series and become the champs for the second straight year.  My favorite play ,Steph Curry, would score over 45 points in the game and become the NBA finals MVP. Then we would go to bed with my cousins and remember that the next day and actually the next three months are summer vacation.

October 5

Should Weapons Be Banned?

I think automatic weapons should be banned because the worst mass shooting in U.S. history happened this week in California. I also think they should be banned because while some people can handle weapons others can’t. If somebody can’t handle having a weapon and someone hits them or makes them angry in any other way they might use the weapon. I think the only time weapons shouldn’t be banned is when you are hunting or if somebody breaks into your house and threatens you. People should not be allowed to use guns as they want because you never know they may use the in a harmful or fatal way.

October 5

A Dollar or a Difference

  • “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” – Tom Brokaw, NBC News
  • What does the quote mean to you? To me it means that since it is so easy to make a dollar you should make a difference instead.
  • Do you think that it’s more important to make money or make a difference in the world? I think it is more important to make a difference because you can help end poverty, hunger, or  health issues.
  • Who cares more about money, rich people or poor people? I think rich people because they just want more money. I could name a few rich sports players that I have heard of sharing there money with poor people or people hit by hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • What are some easy ways to make money?  What are some of the problems with easy ways to make money? Well one easy way to make money is to help do chores or mow somebodies lawn. The problems with those ideas are your parents might not give you money for doing chores.  Or if you mow somebodies lawn they may pay you but not pay you a lot of money.

I think the quote is very smart. If you want to answer the questions in a comment go to this link http://blog.elanco.org/bcarl/2017/09/22/its-easy-to-make-a-buck-its-a-lot-tougher-to-make-a-difference-tom-brokaw-nbc-news/

Then copy and paste the questions into your comment and answer  in the comment.


October 5

Five Years From Now

In five years from now I will be in high school and 11th grade. I will probably be very athletic because I am very athletic now and I don’t see that changing. Actually I will probably have the same personality I have now. I will be a lot taller because I am only  4 foot 7 right now. It will not be my first year of college because I will be in 11th grade. I will most likely be working. My best choice of a place to work would be town hall because you can start working there at age 13, and my mom and my cousins’ mom works there as well so the boss would know me. High school will probably be a little stressful in the first few years but I will get used to it.

May 5

NBA playoffs.

The NBA playoffs have now started, and of course the Warriors are in them. The Warriors final regular season leaders are: Points-Stephen Curry 25.4 points per game, Rebounds-Kevin Durant 8.3 rebounds per game, and assists-Draymond Green 7 assist per game. Also the Warriors free throw percentage leader was Stephen Curry with 89.8 free throw percentage. Some of the Warriors best games were Stephen Curry’s 46 point night when he broke his own record of twelve three-pointers in a game by making 13 three-pointers. Also when the Warrior beat the Clippers 144-98, Curry scored 42 points and splashed a half court shop. Or when Klay Thompson scored 60 points. Also, all three times Durant played his old team,the Oklahoma City Thunder, and beat them all four times and Durant scored 30 to 40 points all three games. (He missed the fourth game against them with injury,but the Warriors still won.) The Warriors just swept the Trailblazers 4-0 in the playoff series. They are now up 1-0 on the Jazz and play tonight. Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!


January 16

NFL playoffs.

Wild Card Weekend is here! The NFL playoffs are starting.



AFC first round bye: Patriots: Number 1 seed, Record: 14-2, and Kansas City Chiefs: Number 2 seed, Record: 12-4.

AFC Games this weekend:  Oakland Raiders: Number 5 seed,Record: 12-4,  at Houston Texans: Number 4 seed, Record: 9-7. Miami Dolphins: Number 6 seed, Record: 10-6, at Pittsburgh Steelers: Number 3 Seed, Record 11-5.                                                                              


   NFC first round bye: Dallas Cowboys: Number 1 seed, Record 13-3, and Atlanta Falcons: Number 2 seed, Record 11-5 . 

NFC Games this weekend: Detroit Lions: Number 6 seed, Record 9-7, at Seattle Seahawks: Number 3 seed Record 10-5-1. New York Giants: Number 5 seed Record 11-5, at Green Bay Packers: Number 4 seed, Record: 10-6.    

I want the Lions, Giants, Falcons,Packers, or Chiefs.    







January 16

Playoffs. Recent Events.

Hey everybody Wild Card Weekend is over and here are the results. Texans beat Raiders 27-14, Steelers beat Miami 30-12, Seahawks beat Lions 26-6, and Packers beat Giants 38-13.   The Texans are playing the Patriots next, and the Steelers are playing Kansas City.   In the NFC the Seahawks are playing the  Falcons, and Green bay is playing Dallas. Here is a video of the best play for every team in the NFL during the regular season.


October 21

NFL 2016 Standings

Hey today I am going to tell you the 2016 NFL standings.

AFC –  East,West,North,South.


AFC East:  1st Patriots 5-1  2nd Buffalo Bills 4-2 3rd Dolphins 2-4 4th Jets 1-5 

AFC West: 1st Raiders  4-2  2nd  Broncos 4-2 3rd   Chiefs 3-2 4th Chargers 2-4

AFC North:  1st Steelers 4-2   2nd Ravens 3-3 3rd  Bengals 2-4 4th Browns 0-6

AFC South  1st Texans 4-2 2nd Titans 3-3   3rd Jaguars 2-3 4th Colts 2-4 

NFC  –  East,West,North,South.   

NFC  East:  1st Cowboys 5-1 2nd Redskins 4-2  3rd Eagles 3-2 4th Giants 3-3

NFC West  1st  Seahawks 4-1 2nd Rams 3-3  3rd Cardinals 3-3 4th 49ers 1-5 

NFC North  1st Vikings 5-0 2nd Packers 4-2 3rd Lions 3-3 4th Bears 1-6

NFC South  1st Falcons 4-2 2nd Buccaneers 2-3 3rd Saints 2-3  4th Panthers 1-5         

Well  that is the 2016 NFL standings!  Go Bills 

October 12

Bills at Rams! (Recent Events)

Bills win the Rams. The Bills had an away game in the Rams stadium,and beat them 30-19.    Tyrod Taylor had two touchdown passes,the defense made Todd Gurley fumble,Mike  Gillislee  had a touchdown run,and a Bills defensive player had a pick six and a regular interception.  I am going to the next Bills game on Sunday in Buffalo. They are playing the 49ers.  I will take pictures on my Ipod  and upload them to my blog so you can see them. Click the link below to watch the highlight video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxN-H2lXCaI      Go Bills ?

September 29

How to Play Quarterback. (How To)

  1. Playing QB is very fun, but challenging. This is how to play QB. First you call the play.  Run play: If you called a run play the center will snap the ball to you. Then you hand it to the running back who is usually behind you. Then you either run the opposite way of the running back or block for him.   Pass play: If the play is a passing play you take the snap and do the three,five, or seven step drop.  Then you scan the field for a receiver If you see a receiver throw the ball to him,but remember you only have about 3 seconds to throw the ball.  If you don’t see a receiver, and the defensive lineman are chasing you start to scramble which means run around behind the line of scrimmage. You have to buy more time by scrambling. If you see a receiver open while you scrambling you can either throw while your running or stop and very quickly throw. If your scrambling and you still don’t see anybody open,  and you have open space past the line of scrimmage you can run past it and try to score.  That is how you play QB.