December 14

My Favorite Superhero. Required blog post.

My favorite superhero would probably have to be Superman because he is really strong and never gives up in the movies. I like that he is strong and in the movies he lifts cars and trucks. Also he can break chains or ropes.

I also like him because he never gives up a I really like people that never give up and he is definitely the main hero that never gives up.

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1 thoughts on “My Favorite Superhero. Required blog post.

  1. Dim Dim Dino

    Hey Dane! I highly disagree with you! I think that batman is the top superhero because he is strong, has all the best gadgets, and has a WAY better suit than superman. Anyway, I like how you exlained why you like superman and why he is your favorite. I wish that you would have put in a little more on why he is your favorite, but if those were all the reasons, great job. I wonder, how many of your friends are like superman and have his traits? Great post, and please comment on my blog at Thanks!

    P.S. (I told Mrs. Carl to put this on her blog. I made this required post!)


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