November 1

Should Schools Ban Books?

          Some people think books written on certain topics should be banned in schools. I agree. There are some books that are just not appropriate for kids. Like sometimes there is a horror movie and then a book comes out. That is the kind of book that should not be in schools. Elementary schools should ban books that are on the high school level that have people smoking a lot or talks about drugs a lot because there are some kids that if they read books like that they would thinks smoking is cool and then start smoking themselves. That is why I think books on certain topics should be banned. 

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2 thoughts on “Should Schools Ban Books?

  1. spencer821

    star: I agree they don’t need to see that stuff at a young age.
    Wonder: I wonder if people agree with this.
    Wish: I wish you said what certain books if there are any like you wouldn’t read


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