October 16

My Perfect Day.

My perfect day would be awesome. It would be one of the first days of summer vacation. When I wake up I would eat breakfast and go outside and play basketball. Then a little later I would go to a basketball camp that I had went to the year before. My friend Elijah and cousin Evan would go too because they both like basketball as well. Then at basketball camp we would do the most fun stuff then watch the tournaments at the end. Then when it is over we would leave and Elijah would come to my house as well as my cousin Evan and my friend Dimitriy. We would play a bunch of basketball and football. Then that night my cousin Evan and his brother Cole would sleepover and we would watch the Warriors win game 4 of the NBA finals to sweep the Cavaliers 4-0 in the series and become the champs for the second straight year.  My favorite play ,Steph Curry, would score over 45 points in the game and become the NBA finals MVP. Then we would go to bed with my cousins and remember that the next day and actually the next three months are summer vacation.

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2 thoughts on “My Perfect Day.

  1. brammkr9

    Hey Dane,
    I like how you describe everything very thoroughly. I wish you would have said the cavaliers won. I wonder why you would play basketball and football. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. king5qt

    Hi Dane,
    This is Sydni. I like how detailed it was. I wish you would have said why you wish Elijah and your cousins were there instead of other people. I wonder you will ever have your perfect day. ~Sydni


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