About Me!

Hi! My name is Carlysisa! I’m 11 years old. My birthday is November 30th, 2005. My favorite colors are Black and Grey. My favorite food is french fries. I love to sing, dance, and like meeting new people. my favorite subject is ELA. My favorite singer is Jhene Aiko. My favorite online game is ROBLOX. I like reading and i’m really into horror. I like scary stuff. A lot of people call me Carly because it’s easier from my full name. I love FOOD! I have a lot of friends so I can’t name a few because that wouldn’t be fair. I’m the middle child of the family. I usually super active so i’m very hyped at all times. My favorite quote is: ?Fish are Friends, not food?. I love music. My favorite song is: 3:16 am by Jhene Aiko. I love to school very much!. I’m also very funny?. Well, Thats all about me hopefully everyone will read this. Bye☺

Goals for 6th Grade☺!

My goals for sixth grade is to get better at writing because gets a little messy when I write. My other goal is to funny stories. I always wanted to make about an old couple name Mr and Mrs. Mcguckin and a couple of students in the class to be in the story. Its old couple that lived in a house for years

My Favorite Food Is French Fries

Whenever I go to a restaurant I always get French Fries because they taste so good and salty. My brother loves french fries too. We usually don’t have french fries at our house I don’t know why. French Fries are very popular also you can put toppings on french fries. French Fries make me really happy and hyper. People think french fries are tasty some people don’t. The reason why you should have french fries is that french fries are for everyone.

Easter Break

What I did over Easter Break is that I had an Easter egg hunt. The day before Easter  is 
that I filled the eggs with a lot of candy like Reese's, Gummy Crayons, airheads, Lollipops 
and Jelly Beans. Then the next day we had Easter Dinner we had lamb and greens. Then when 
Easter was over I'd sit in the house bored. That is what I did over Easter Break.

My favorite place in the world is Hershey Park

My favorite place in the world is Hershey Park because it is fun to go there.  I go there often in the summer with my godparents. First we eat sandwiches for lunch. My god dad cuts my sandwich in triangles just the way i like when were finish with are lunch we get something to drink. We all get apple juice. Then we get in the car we drove around for 3 hours. Finally we were there.  Then we go inside a restaurant to eat dinner when were done we let are food digest for 30 minutes. Next we get on the rides. Last we go home we were so tired we got in the car we all had a good time.

All About Me

I have a brother and a sister there names are Octavia and Jerry Jr. I live with my Mom my stepdad my sister and my brother. My favorite color is neon green, purple, blue, pink, green, and hot pink. I have a lot of glasses in my  room.

I love to sing and jump around. My stepdad said i should be on the track team cause i’m very active. I love birthday parties. I love fruits and veggies. My favorite vegetable is broccoli cause it makes me smarter and stronger. I love to dance and get on youtube on my phone. My favorite holiday Is Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. My favorite animal is a Leopard. My favorite subject is ELA. My friends are Lyndsey, Miryam, Skye, Rebekah, and Alecsy. My favorite months are November and October.