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About Me!

Hi! My name is Carlysisa! I’m 11 years old. My birthday is November 30th, 2005. My favorite colors are Black and Grey. My favorite food is french fries. I love to sing, dance, and like meeting new people. my favorite… Continue Reading →

Goals for 6th Grade☺!

My goals for sixth grade is to get better at writing because gets a little messy when I write. My other goal is to funny stories. I always wanted to make about an old couple name Mr and Mrs. Mcguckin… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Food Is French Fries

Whenever I go to a restaurant I always get French Fries because they taste so good and salty. My brother loves french fries too. We usually don’t have french fries at our house I don’t know why. French Fries are… Continue Reading →

Easter Break

What I did over Easter Break is that I had an Easter egg hunt. The day before Easter is that I filled the eggs with a lot of candy like Reese’s, Gummy Crayons, airheads, Lollipops and Jelly Beans. Then the… Continue Reading →

Talent Show For School And Families.

On May 25, 2016 is the Talent show rehearsal to 12:30-3:30. On May 26,2016 it is the Talent Show for Friends and Family. If your a friend or a family member if to go to the gymnasium. On June 1st… Continue Reading →

My favorite place in the world is Hershey Park

My favorite place in the world is Hershey Park because it is fun to go there.  I go there often in the summer with my godparents. First we eat sandwiches for lunch. My god dad cuts my sandwich in triangles… Continue Reading →

All About Me

I have a brother and a sister there names are Octavia and Jerry Jr. I live with my Mom my stepdad my sister and my brother. My favorite color is neon green, purple, blue, pink, green, and hot pink. I… Continue Reading →

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