April 26



I will be talking about a mythical creature called a dragon. I will be explaining what they look like, where they live, and what they eat. First I will be talking about what they look like. Typically a dragon has a body like a snake with legs. His head is the shape of a horse with horns and spikes. Their eyes are bigger than a pencil.They have sharp spikes all along their back. And finally they of course beautiful wings like a bat. Now I will be talking about where dragons live. Dragons typically live in caves in the forest or on the side of a cliff. Since they have wings and sharp claws it makes it easy for them to fly or climb up the cliff side. Finally I will be talking about what dragons eat. Dragons eat meats and sometimes plants. They find the plants and other animals in the forest. They can also find Mountain Goats or Lions on the side of cliffs.I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about dragons. I also hope you learned new facts reading the things I shared.

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