April 26



I will be talking about a mythical creature called a dragon. I will be explaining what they look like, where they live, and what they eat. First I will be talking about what they look like. Typically a dragon has a body like a snake with legs. His head is the shape of a horse with horns and spikes. Their eyes are bigger than a pencil.They have sharp spikes all along their back. And finally they of course beautiful wings like a bat. Now I will be talking about where dragons live. Dragons typically live in caves in the forest or on the side of a cliff. Since they have wings and sharp claws it makes it easy for them to fly or climb up the cliff side. Finally I will be talking about what dragons eat. Dragons eat meats and sometimes plants. They find the plants and other animals in the forest. They can also find Mountain Goats or Lions on the side of cliffs.I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about dragons. I also hope you learned new facts reading the things I shared.

February 9



I will be telling you about what I learned reading 2 articles with different opinions on recycling. The first article was written by a man named  William .F. Shughart who thinks we shouldn’t recycle as much as we do. The second article was written by a man named Michael Kraft. He thinks we should still recycle.

The first author, William .F. Shughart, thinks we shouldn’t recycle as much as we do. He thinks this for many reasons. One reason is the trucks that collect the recycled glass cause pollution which is bad for the environment. The second reason is that we waste water when we rinse out the things we want to recycle before we put them in the recycle bin. The third reason is that it cost less money to make the the object brand new than to recycle it. “The truth is, however, recycling has a cost, a big cost.” says Shughart.  

The second author, Michael Kraft, Thinks we should recycle. He thinks this for many reasons. He thinks this because americans put way too much trash in landfills, which is very wasteful. The more trash we put in landfills, the more we pollute the earth around it. This is why Kraft thinks we should recycle still.

I think after reading the two articles that we should still recycle. We don’t have to recycle as much as we use to because, I don’t want to hurt the animals or earth around the landfill. That is why I want to still recycle.

February 9



Dogs are one of the best animals in the world in my opinion. Some people think dogs need a crate and a bed and a bunch of other stuff. But, all a dog really wants is all the love you can give it. Dogs are amazing animals and do so many things. They help police officers, help people with disabilities, but most of all they love. They love you no matter what as long as you treat them right. There are a lot of dogs in this world without a home and loving family. That is why some dogs can be very aggressive even if it isn’t their fault. Dogs just want love and they need you to give it to them. 🙂

January 11

How To Make Slime!

So today on my blog I will be sharing with you how to make the perfect fluffy slime. First get a glass of hot water and to it add about 1 tsp of borax and mix well till dissolved. Then set that aside for later and to a fairly large bowl add 1/2 a cup of white PVA glue. After that add another 1/2 cup of shaving cream. Once done that add 1/2 cup of foaming hand soap and mix well. Once mixed add 1 tbs of cornstarch so that when you play with the slime it holds its shape. Now (Optional) add in some food dye. Mix all together and know for the fun part get the borax mixture and add 1 tsp at a time until slime. When you take it out of the bowl it will be super sticky so work it with your hands until no longer sticky. Enjoy playing!

December 28

Titanic’s Orphan Girl

I was walking along the streets in England while my dog, Lucky, was trotting behind me. It was a breezy day and I kept brushing my auburn hair out of my eyes. I was watching all the lucky children with mothers and fathers running around with their

   siblings laughing and singing. Then I saw something in the harbor out of the corner of my eye.  I looked over and saw a HUGE ship with people boarding and boarding  and it seemed like they would never end. I looked to see if there was anyone that wasn’t boarding and I saw a huge sign that said a luxurious ride from London to New York! Thats where my parents went when I was a baby and that’s when I knew I had to board that ship!!! I called to Lucky and told him to hurry up as I started running toward the ship to see what it was called. On the side I read The RMS Titanic. I knew I needed to get on  the ship but they were charging $350-$900 for one third class cabin! I had to get on somehow and the only way I could was to be a stowaway. April 10th 1912,the day The Titanic was leaving, I grabbed Lucky’s collar and jumped into a big crate that had some beer bottles in it.  I stayed there for 1 hour until finally we were moving, but not very comfortably. Then I heard a blur of the captain yelling, the people chattering and laughing, kids running and babies crying all at once. The ship started going while People were asking someone named Captain Edward John Smith. I heard someone coming toward the crate I was in. Lucky started to whimper loudly and I knew someone had to hear him. I was getting really sweaty and started feeling super uncomfortable. Suddenly the top of the crate was lifted open and staring down at me was an elderly man with a kind look in his eyes. Then I noticed something on his neck and when I looked closer I could see a small scar on his neck exactly like mine. The man and I just stared at each other then quietly he whispered my name, “Caitriona is that you?”  he paused and looked at me again then I said sternly, “ Who are you and why do you know my name?” When he talked again I noticed a strong Irish accent like mine and then realized he was my, “Grandpa.” We both said at the same time I smiled and for the first time in forever I felt safe like there wasn’t a piece of me missing anymore.  Then I heard a man call out, “Hey Adam, we want a beer, what’s taking so long!” My Grandfather looked at me, smiled  then called out, “ I decided to go back to my room and make some arrangements for another bed. Someone is going to join me on this wonderful trip.” then he grabbed my hand and off we went with Lucky trailing behind us. Today is April 11 12:00 pm. Less than three days till we reach New York. I was having the best time of my whole life with my Grandfather.  I know where I get my sense of adventure from and I got my name and hair from being almost full Irish. I was lying on my bed with Lucky’s head snuggled in my neck thinking about the boy I met yesterday in the kitchen. He knew so much about the titanic.  There was a big party going on for adults on the higher deck which is where Grandfather went. He got me a big book about ships and is teaching me to read it. Lucky suddenly hopped up when fireworks went off.  I decided to look threw the book a little while. I was scanning threw and remembered Grandfather telling me all the stuff on The Titanic . I think it had 75,000 pounds of fresh meat 36,000 apples 40 tons of potatoes 1,000 loaves of bread 10,000 pounds of sugar 40,000 fresh eggs 6,000 pounds of butter 15,000 bottles of ale and 8,000 cigars. Lucky cocked her head like she knew that was a lot of things. I slowly fell asleep with Lucky drooling on my neck. I woke up at 7:00 to the sound of  grandpa singing in the shower. Lucky woke up too and I giggled when she whimpered at the sound of his singing voice. I hopped out of bed and went to get some clothing on. I was looking in the closet when Lucky barked. I looked up and saw Jake (a friend I made yesterday in the kitchen when I was grabbing bread and butter for grandfather) standing in the doorway. I told him I’ll be out in a minute and I jumped into the closet and put on white leggings, some black buckle shoes, a light  blue dress and clipped a flower in my hair and stepped out of the closet.  I smiled when Lucky was laying on his feet. I grabbed his hand and called to grandpa so he wouldn’t get worried when I wasn’t there. Then Jake, Lucky and I went off to look at the amazing ocean view.  We all just stared at each other in silence.. Jakes curly brown hair kept blowing in the wind with his bright blue eyes glistening.  I smiled awkwardly and he smiled back slightly. I heard Grandfather call my name and I ran off with not even saying goodbye. When I got to our room Grandfather was sitting on my bed and told me to sit down with him. He smiled and said, “ It is April 12th only 5 more days till we reach New York.   I want you to know that when we get to New York,  I will have to leave in my search for an new life of independence, so you will be alone. “ I looked at him then looked at Lucky and smiled and thought to myself I won’t be alone because I got my best friend, my paw – tastic best friend. I hugged grandpa and ran off to get some pop from the kitchen. I hummed a song I remember my mother singing to me when I was real little, “ Lavender’s Green Dilly-Dilly, Lavender’s Blue, when I  am King Dilly-Dilly you shall be Queen.  Lavenders Blue Dilly-Dilly Lavender’s Green, I shall love You Dilly-Dilly you shall love Me. ” I blushed when I saw Jake looking at me sweetly.  It has been 3 days since I was singing on the deck and I’ve been avoiding Jake ever since. The other day at The Grand Staircase I had to duck under the stairs to hide from him. Anyway today is April 15th 1912 8:00 pm only 2 more days till New York City. I went to the bar where my Grandfather was, with Lucky trotting behind me. The other man laughed saying, “ Who’s this pretty little lady Adam? “ he replied, “ Someone very  special to me. “ I smiled and went to my room and rested for a while. I woke up at 11:50 to people screaming and saw water rushing through the bedroom door. I started to cry and held Lucky close to my chest. Jake came in and grabbed my hand and told me to come quick to get in a raft… the boat is sinking!!! I started to run but then I saw Grandfather just standing there drinking ale and smoking a big cigar So I called to him and I screamed and told him to come. He laughed and said, “ Go on dear save yourself it is my time but you have a whole life I’ll be alright. “ I hugged him tight and jumped in a boat with Lucky and I hugged her so tight I thought she’d pop. I cried and cried as the boat went out of sight. I waved for what seemed like forever until finally it was quiet and everyone on the raft just stared at the men rowing and everyone crowded together. There was a Mother on one side of me and a little girl on the other. I watched the Mother carefully and studied her auburn hair like mine and blue-gray eyes like mine glistening like Grandfather’s did when I first saw him. Grandfather. I looked back and saw nothing but still blue water. We got to land finally and I started a new life…… Now I am 24 and have a crying baby and two wonderful girls. Lucky is still alive and loves everyone especially my husband, Liam who is so kind and loving and always there for me. Well that’s my story what’s yours?

December 18

Career Writing


Something I would like to do as a career is definitely being a vet or working with animals. I actually have already planned what I want to do in my life. The first thing I want to do is finish school and go to college to become a vet. I will definitely have to go to college to become a vet because being a vet takes a lot of skill. After college and school I already picked out a vet clinic I want to work at which is actually the place we take my dog. They have good hours there so I can be home a lot and they pay good too! Once I’m working there I already know what street I want to live on which is actually the same street the clinic is on. If I do find a house on that street then maybe I’ll be able to walk home for lunch or something so I’ll definitely be home a lot. I’m also good with animals so I would be good at calming them down when getting shots and things. I’m also good with little kids so when their pet has to be put down I could comfort them. I would be helping people too by putting their pet out of pain when is sick or dying and I could also cure pets if they have to get amputated or something. So as you can see being a vet or working with animals would be a pretty good job for me!