Yesterday and Today

I played fornite and I won and played a couple more rounds of fortnite. While listening to music I like going to tilted towers in fortnite. And after I played fortnite I watched a movie I had a fun night last night. And then I got up and  got ready for school and I can’t wait to get out of school because its Friday. I love the weekend because I get to ride bike with my friends and play fortnite with my friends. 

All About Me

Maison About Me

 My personal profile


My full name is Maison, My birthday is november 28th I have 1 brother no sisters. My pets are a dog named chloe. My hobbies are football, swimming, and gaming. My favorite subject is math. My least favorite subject is reading. The skill that I struggle with is reading. The skill I am best at is doing math problems. Three things I love is my mom, brother, and my dog. Three things i fear dying in fortnite, tests first day of school.


If my family were a noise, It would sound like a tropical island. If the world were made of food, it would taste like cake. If I could meet three people from the past, they would be elvis, family members and a baby dog my dog had. The animal I most resemble now is a monkey. The smell that best describe my house is IDK. The color that best tells how i feel is yellow. If I could have anything I would wanted, it would be unlimited v-bucks


The thing I would want to change the most like to change in this world is for a better place. If I could live anywhere I liked, I would live in Ocean City MD. At this point, I would rate my life as A-awesome. The most important thing my teacher should know about me is I’m funny