November 18

The Dog That Saved Thousands!!!!!

   The Dogs That Saved Thousands

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When a dog saves thousands of people you are probably thinking that can’t be true. Well it is!!! His name is Buster. There are books about him. The book was made by human partner R.A.F and Police Sergeant Will Baro. You should buy one of them. He is an army dog and saves tons people from gun shots.

He earned a crust friends for live award because of how many people he saved. One of his heroic features is that he can track down suicide vests and the people who made them!!! He could also track down suicide bombers!!! He is amazing!!! He was even strong enough to kill other soldiers!!! He was a sniffer dog. That is the nickname given to canines that go through extra training.

This 8 year old pitbull named Lily saved her owner by pulling her master off the train path!!! She passed out on the railroad tracks in Massachusetts. Although the owner went unhurt, Lily’s front leg had to be amputated because of the train.

Thanks for reading my story!!! I hope these dogs change your mind about how much of a help they are!!!   

Buster Saves Thousands

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3 thoughts on “The Dog That Saved Thousands!!!!!

  1. bryanbbz1

    I liked the selection of stories that you picked. But I wish that you put more into what happened. I wonder if he has anymore skills? But over all great story.

  2. Sienna

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I loved the way you set up your blog and made it easily understandable and so beautiful! That story is amazing! imagine a dog saving your life, Do you have any pets?

    From Sienna

  3. mullins203 (Post author)

    Hi Sienna! It would be amazing if a dog saved my life! How would I pay him back though? Maybe in dog treats 🙂 In fact I do have pets. 2 guinea pigs and 1 dog. My guinea pigs names are Twix and Snickers. My dogs name is Levi. I wonder if you have any pets? Please get back to me as soon as possible! URL:

    Have a Wonderful Day!
    – Katie


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