Our ELA Class Goals

What are your goals for reading class this year?  (Provide at least 3 goals)

Example: One of my goals for ELA class this year is to become a better writer.  I hope that I will be able to improve my use of sensory words.  I will use more words that help the reader see, hear, and feel the emotion in my writing.


  1. Hi Mr. Arena!!! I like that you told about what you class is doing!!! I wish that you would have made something like picture to see how your ELA goals are doing! I wonder if the whole class wrote posts that are on their blog?

    Please come and comment on my blog!!! 😉 -Elise http://blog.elanco.org/Krock950/

  2. Hi Mr. Arena, Mr. Geiman told us to tell you, YOU NEED TO WRITE MORE POSTS! If you do, you are guarrenteeded to get more visitors that comment back ???. I like the video you posted at the top about the firefighters. I wish you would do more posts with the Stident Blog Challenge. I wonder if you could visit my blog?


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