The missing puppy



Once upon a time in a beautiful kingdom and dogs lived in the most wonderful kingdom ever. Most of the dogs never wanted to leave the palace because of the dangers out there But there was this one puppy that was super curious about everything. SO one day the puppy had ventured out on its own and while it was looking a creepy monster had grabbed the puppy.


The next morning everyone was screaming her name but there was nothing coming out of the puppy. The puppies parents were looking everywhere and then they found a note from the monster that had taken their wonderful and beautiful puppy. The note had read you have 78 hours to try and find your daughter or else she turns into one of us and is never seen again. The parents had no idea what to do they were so nervous about what was going to happen to their daughter. The parents sent out guards and search team and no one had gotten sleep for the last 2 days. When the parents went to eat dinner they found a note at the table saying time flies when your trying to find your daughter you only have 24 hours to find your daughter.


The puppy had no idea where she was at but she was freaking out where she was at. The puppy was stuck in a net when she realized there was a piece of glass stuck in the right side of the corner in the ceiling. The puppy was swinging the net trying to get the piece of glass that she had found but then when she heard someone coming she had to figure out a way to stop the net from swinging so she could get out. The puppy was mad at the monster that had grabbed her and locked her in that dungeon then she had realized she had teeth and could chew her way out of the net realizing that she still had puppy teeth left that she didn’t lose yet.


Back at the palace daylight was running out and they wanted to get to their daughter. The family had made a big announcement that they were going to head in the woods but the monster had heard their plane. SO the monster had left a note when the parents went in their castle they were like should we read it and the dad said we really don’t have a choice unless we want to find our daughter. To be continued….

BY:Lila M

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  1. Lila why would you make a storey about a lost puppy I thought you loved animals.

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