the trout came november 1,2017. they are now all hatched. they are fry now but we now have 0 trout. they all died because when the cleaners were cleaning in the classroom and they always knocked the cord out and the chiller turned off and the water was getting warm and they all died and now we are getting a new shipment in january but we don’t know when then.I will get back with you in January then.

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  1. millis317 says:

    good job on the breaking news about the trout sorry t hear about that all the trout died we are all so sorry of your lost for the trouts because you have spent a lot of money on the trouts probably like thousands of dollars and we also loved all the details you left on your story but still we are so sorry about the breaking news on the trout. hope you can come and visit my blog at and keep blogging.

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