the Titanic

I survived The Titanic.
My name is Katlyn Miller i’m 28 years old and this is how I survived the titanic. April,14,1912 there was a ship named the Titanic. There was a whole bunch of people on the Titanic. They were one there for days. They were sailing the ship every day and night. Some people were on the first deck and some were on the second and maybe third deck. Then all of a sudden a girl named Martha her husband named Luther and their 2 kids Richard and Lisa and I went on the same ship with the family. They were on the boat for 3 days and I was on for four. The kids were sitting on the deck playing with there jacks making a whole bunch of noise while me and the family were relaxing. Then the sun was setting really slowly, and the sky was brown. Martha and I knew that it meant trouble. She got her piece of paper out and wrote (Help me and my family are stuck on the Titanic and we are headed to New York city please meet us now. HELP.) The next night they hit the iceberg. Then the wind picked up and we saw a thing that was huge then the waves moved it closer and closer we ran to the deck her children and husband was on and pulled them out of bed and said kids a iceberg is coming to hit use we have to leave now. Then she went up to the first deck and yelled “ get out of the ship an iceberg is coming to hit us get out now”. So everybody ran on the ship. Then a boat came and the family and I jumped on the boat and yelled, “ Go Go Go”. The family and I got to safety and then the iceberg crashed right into the boat and the boat fell on it’s side. It sank and there were a few survivors. The whole family and I started crying and then they went home and were so happy that there family was safe. And we ended up in New York City.
By: Katlyn Miller

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  1. jacksovn says:

    I love your story it’s amazing.I actually felt like I was on the Titanic with you while reading the story.

  2. millisbbs says:

    I like your Titanic stories a lot

  3. clark9wo says:

    I like the part where you got them to safety.

  4. myersebbs says:

    I liked your story about the Titanic a lot because I felt like I was on the Titanic with you

  5. clark9wo says:

    i like the part were the family said go go go

  6. myersebbs says:

    I wish you would tell us how many people were on the Titanic.

  7. millisbbs says:

    I like your story a lot. I wish u can tell me more. I wonder how you on a life boat

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