October 8

My Own Song Life

Is this world good or bad I can’t choose, between the two. Is it happy or is it bad i just can’t figure it out. People die people live I just can’t choose, between the two. Is this world good or bad I wish I had the answer. I just can’t figure this question out I just can’t stop wandering, is this world good or bad, i just want the answer. I believe it is both I think I have the answer people live people die the world has to be both. Is the world good or bad I just wish I had the answer to this question.

October 8

My Summer

In the summer I went to ocean city in Merland for, four days. We stayed at a sahara hotel at the hotel they had a pool. One morning me and my mom walked up to the ocean really early we were finding sandcrabs. In this school year i’m hoping to be able to get better at spelling and writing neatly. I want to get better at them because i’m not that good at writing and spelling. I want to be able to produce neet and correctly spelled work.

March 1

why we need a garden

Dear mr.mcasky


I Think we should have a garden because it can help the soil. And because it could help us learn about social studies. And because it will be a place for people that dont know what to do they can be at the flower garden. It will help the soil. Because the flowers will break the soil and make it soil soft. And then more flowers will bloom with the soft soil.

We will be able to learn about plants. And when they bloom. And if they need sun or shade. And what season they grow in fall,summer,winter,spring.

And then when kids have nothing to do they can go to the garden. And when they want to learn at recess they can go to the garden. And you can play games like which flowers are winter,or summer,or spring, or fall.

And that’s why i think we should have a garden at school we can learn we won’t get bored and then we can play more games.

November 29

The Titanic

  I Survived the titanic 10 1912

My name is Ethan i have 6 friends cooper braedyn isaac connor carson roman. In April 10 1912. I’m going on the titanic. At least 2223 and more people were on the titanic. the titanic weighed 52,310 TUNS.  It was 882 feet 9 inches tall. The titanic is 883’ long. We are safe because there 20 lifeboats on the titanic. It took 3 months to build.

 Good thing i have my phone to call my parents play games they have air hockey i could play i’m gonna count the how many lightbulbs are there. there are 10,000 there are 840 staterooms on the titanic. 7 hours later it’s night i’m gonna go to bed crash what was that.

Were sinking? We hit a iceberg . i hope my friends are okay wait the lifeboats NNNNN OOOO!!!!!! All the lifeboats are gone and i’m the only 1 left. 5 hours later. Ahhh sharks and ethan was never seen again.

RMS Titanic – Wikipedia.