New years resolution

My new year resolution, first I want to get all a’s in all my classes, second I want to get better at soccer and basketball.     What is a new year resolution? Well when its new years people right stuff down that they want to improve on in the next year.for example if I […]

Cover letter

Zac Martin 717-378-9871       1272, Poplar Street, East Earl,  Pa,17519                                                                                                            January 5, 2021    Karen Hiccup  1987, Steeler Street, East Earl, Pa ,20089   Dear Hiring Committee   My name is Zac Martin and I am interested in the Sports medical physician position at your location. I would be an excellent […]


      Zac Martin 1272 Poplar Street East Earl  Pa  ■ 717-378-9871 ■   Objective:I want to be a sports medical physician so I can help athletes heal and be able to play again.  EDUCATION Blue Ball Elementary                                     […]

Hello world!

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