January 11

How the Turkey got away

A farmer named farmer bobby knew that Thanksgiving was coming.So The farmer started looking for a turkey to eat for Thanksgiving.Then he seen a turkey named laudy and laudy started to run but then the farmer went and shot laudy but Laudy could still run so he did.The farmer started to run after him but Laudy still ran with a arrow in his shoulder.When Laudy was running he seen a hole so Laudy ran for the hole
But when Laudy went in the hole he got stuck so he pushed himself in the hole.Loudy stayed there and waited for the farmer to leave.But then the farmer seen the hole so he went to the hole and he seen  loudy.So Laudy went farther in but for some reason there was another hole but Laudy tried to keep his balance but he fell into the hole and Laudy knew that he was stuck underground so laudy had to figure how to get out.Then he seen the farmer leave.
Laudy figured out how to get out of the hole because a animal scared him.Then when Laudy got out of the hole he seen a barn so he ran to the barn and seen some hay so he went and hid in the hay but a few hours later laudy seen the same farmer that was chasing him.so laudy went farther in the hay but laudy went and stepped on some wood and made some loud noise.After the farmer hurd the noise he went towards it and he seen laudy.Laudy yelled so loud that it closed the farmers ears.The farmer ran to grab his bow and he started  chasing laudy he went and pulled back his arrow and he let it fly but he missed so he started to chase laudy but loudy seen a corn field and he knew exactly what to do he went and turned and ran righting into the cornfield.Laudy just cep running into the cornfield but then the farmer started to shot his arrows at laudy after a hour laudy stopped running and laudy new he was lost.
Laudy just ceped walking but then he seen the farmer again then the farmer made eye contact with laudy and laudy started to run but the farmer went and hit laudy with a arrow.Laudy knew he was not going to live the farmer ran towards laudy.Farmer Bobby took laudy back to his farm to hang laudy for Thanksgiving.Farmer Bobby let loudy in the barn overnight.
In the morning farmer bobby came to butcher loudy but loudy pecked farmer bobby and loudy started to run out of the barn to get away from farmer bobby but farmer bobby just let loudy go.       

November 30

about me

My name is Davante and I am going to be telling you about my self I love hockey and all the rest of sport and I go to blue ball ele and I like play video games sometimes and I like math it’s something I am good at.I love being outside then Inside It gets kinda boring inside but sometimes I hangout with my friends.I love play guitar and drums I am not that good at drums but I keep playing I play three instruments the third one is alto sax I am in a band at the middle school and high school but I play at the elementary schools most times I like to play fortnite on my phone It my favorite game I play it with my friends all the time Thanks for reading my blog. PS I will be blogging more.


November 30

The Creepy Haunted Woods

James and Austin were on there way home and then they seen a car coming really fast and they moved really fast and when they got back on the road they seen a treehouse in the woods then they started running towards the treehouse but when they got to the treehouse they seen someone.So they started to run up to the treehouse and the person started to run towards the tree house and when James and Austin got up to the tree house they seen the person climbing the ladder so James tried to open the door but it would not budge so Austin kicked the door and it opened so they ran in and they found some weapons in the treehouse and they grabbed the weapons and by the time they turned around the guy was they so they tried to hurt him but he looked a little like michael myers so they tried to push him off the tree house but he was to strong so James went and snuck behind michael myers and he started to rap is hands around his neck and he tried to throw him off the edge but he couldn’t so Austin started to help and then michael myers fell off the edge and they started to climb down and they started to run home but michael myers got up and he started running after them with a weapon and they started to run faster than they could but it hurt to so they ran different direction and they knew that there was only one michael myer and there were two kids running so he could only take one kid but then some other guy came and Austin sayed where are all these people come from so Austin and James got so angry that they got there weapon and started to fight.When Austin seen that James was getting beat up Austin stop fighting and he went to fight michael myers to save James but he got hit in the side and Austin went and stabbed michael and then he went down to the ground and the other guy came and he start to run after Austin but Austin went and cut the other guys hand off and Austin started to run James to the hospital but James was losing blood  when Austin was taking him to the hospital then they seen a car coming.

Wait for part two 🙂

November 30

Why I don’t like recess and why we don’t need recess.

Recess can get fun but if you have friends and they are playing something else it gets boring when they are playing something you don’t like and there is nothing to do.It gets boring and you just start walking around and trying to see what you can do and you ask people if you can join a game.But they say no you go to the next game and ask if you could play and you could just waste your recess not doing anything.But I can agree that it is go for you.The school does recess because we need a break but we have a second break at lunch so why should we have recess if we have lunch.Is the recess for us so we get are energy out.The teachers don’t get along break when they are the ones who are working the most.When we have half-days they have to stay after school to have meetings when we are the ones at home relaxing.I just think we don’t need recess it is good for you but we do not need it.Is my opinion.