Was Washington D.C. Fun?

Hello everyone today I am going to be talking about Washington DC and how I felt about it.

I loved going to Washington DC for our 6th grade field trip, because I got to hang out with my friends and see historical things. I thought that it was really cool to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and watching the changing of the guard at the Unknown Soldier.

My favorite part was when I went to the fountain and I got to hang out with my friends, Mya, Liz and Kira. We went to the fountain to meet up with the rest of the grade, when we were waiting we saw a sign that said we were aloud to put our feet in the water. So we did. We put one foot in and made a challenge about who can stay in the longest. We said that the winner gets $10. Mya ended up winning but her mom got all of us smoothies. But, my mom totally forgot and got me a smoothie, but I guess it’s better for Mya’s mom.

When I went to the museums, Mya, Kira, Liz and I walked around together (with our parents.) We were looking at animals and we did this test, where you would take a picture of yourself and you would choose and early human that you wanted to turn into. I thought that it was really cool. We all had a lot of fun, although there was a lot of walking.

Overall, I liked everything about the trip to DC. (except for the 3 hour bus ride, and the 7 mile walk.) On the bus to Washington DC, everyone was quiet while it was dark out. But, when the sun came out everyone was awake and talking. It was really fun. On our way back from DC we played games, like a word game where you had to say like an adjective, verb or an noun.

I think that everyone should have went to Washington DC at least once in there lifetime. Some people even go every year. It is very fun and it would be good for everyone to learn about history, or see cool things from a while back. In Washington DC they have our American flag in a showcase. If you look at the flag you can see bullet holes from the war, and you can see pieces of the flag torn off. They also have Dorothy’s shoes in a showcase, the shoes have there own room with pictures around from the movie. I think that it is really cool to see everything from history. Some things we probably thought that we would never be able to see.

This is why I think that you should visit Washington DC. I hope you enjoyed. BYE!!!

~Charley Martin <3

How can we help the planet?


How can I help the community in the next 8 hours, 8 days, 8 months, and  8 years?

I could help the community in 8 hours by going  outside and picking up trash on beaches, or highways. Try to make goals on how many people will come and help or how many pieces of trash you can pick up. You can make a game out of it. See who gets the closest answer, and they can win something.  

In the next 8 days, I could not recycle/ throw away ANYTHING plastic! I will do this by using glass cups. This will help with the pollution. So, factories don’t have to make a lot of gasses and pollution by burning or remaking stuff.

In the next 8 months and 8 years, you can help by, speaking your mind, military service, jury duty, staying informed, paying taxes, community service, voting, respecting others, and following laws.