April 27

Become a World Wide Genius Rubber Tire Equipment

A tire Is an easy thing basically when you look at it but when you see the process or even hear it, it may sound very complicated. The process is tap a rubber tree get the rubber sap then you have to let it cool. After that you take a mold put the rubber into the mold and presto. You have a tire or whatever you were making.


Stripe pattern

You may wonder what is with those  patterns on the side well the way these are needed is because depending on the location you are at you need different amount of traction. If you live in antarctica you don’t depend on your pattern as much, but you do depend on a metal chain that wraps around your tire adding traction. This is basically making you own patterns larger so that the can hold onto the ground or snow.


The tube

In my last post I talked about the tubes and how they are needed. The thing is how are they made. They are made pretty much the same way you take your rubber from the tree cool it off then you get a mold except this mold is a completely filled in mold so you have to use a pump.

December 21

Hypnoteye chapter 9

 Chapter 9: Eye am clouded. When they opened the book they all grew wings and started to fly out of the hole they were in. When they exited the hole they were attacked by the shark so they flew away. Out of the place and threw another hole in the roof.


Into the clouds they went, they were out of the water, and felt safe. Then he dropped the book, it flew down so fast and he quickly grabbed the book. So they looked at the book and it said there is three more books to get this next one you will find on a cloud high in the sky. So they went looking after Toby told them what it was all about. They searched and searched when they lost hope they saw the book falling then followed it.


When it landed it landed in a cloud and the cloud took off faster than you would have ever seen a cloud travel. The speed was a magnificent to them and they could not keep up. It was like someone driving a car or a plane. Then they saw a hovering plane in the distance then it took off right towards them. They flew away as fast as their new wings could take them. This plane was faster then them so they ducked. They also did loops. They went up, and down, and did all they knew how to do. This plane kept getting closer to them. Without a warning, they were caught in a net that was very thick to break.


       The plane from the inside looked like a science lab. They asked a lot of questions. Like Who are you and, where did you get wings, or did you grow them? How do you use them? They were not satisfied with the answers we were giving them.

December 21

hypnoteye chapter 10

Chapter 10: Weye don’t they let us go. “How come you do not let us go?” asked toby. “You could be worth a lot of money just like this book we found falling from the sky.” “Hey, that is my book that I took a lot of time searching for.”


“We don’t really care because we want the money to expand or business.” So Toby, Max, Joseph and Amy were staring at the people studying the book and then toby said “It has a full page of animals on it. I wonder what the power is.”


“We have to try to get the power so we can escape.” said toby. So they sat there thinking of a way to get the book and when they ran a test on the book they found out that it is magnetic. So toby told them his plan and grabbed a fishing rod which happened to be there and magnets tied the end of the fishing pole to the magnet and threw it. It hit the book and reeled it in before anybody knew it they had learned the new power of changing into other animals. So they turned into mice and escaped and found out they were going to check inside their bodies the next day.

December 21

hypnoteyr chapter 11

Chapter 11: Eye see trees. When they escaped the scientist saw them as mice and kicked them of the edge of the plane then saw the book fall with them. They quickly turned into eagles and started flying, grabbed the book and took off away with it.


They flew for maybe ten minutes in peace until the plane came after them. So they kept dodging the nets until Toby got caught and used his talents to tear threw the net. They kept on flying and getting caught in the net and then escaping. Until they saw land. When they landed they were delighted to see that they were in densely wooded area so the plane could not land and try to capture them. Then they each turned into a different creature. Toby a tiger, Amy turning into an african civet, Joseph turned into a black jaguar, and finally, Max turned into a malamute.


They are all wondering how they got the power of changing into animals because when they got the power their mind blanked out. Until they found the book again and Toby turned into a gorilla so that he could hold the book. They made a nest in a tree, made defenses to protect themselves, when they slept. They first read the book that said you will find the last book in the woods but be careful because there are many traps.

         They were ready to explore the wilderness then they saw an adventurer named Brandon from his favorite show, “What Happens In The Wilderness.” Brandon said “Who are you, and may I come sleep in your nest you made?” “Yes you may.” replied Toby. “Then there were two people that followed him and said “we know who they are.” They are the people who called us to fix an U.W.A.E.C.S .” “Wait, you are Christian and Jevon?” “Yes we are. Why do you ask?” It’s because we need your help.” replied Brandon. The friends talk and get to know each other found out how they both got lost. When that talk was happening, Christian, Jevon, and Brandon got their powers too.

December 21

hypnoteye chapter 12

Chapter 12: How can Eye Help? “What do you want from us we want you to teach us the powers you have got then they turned into mice.” So while they talked and showed them how to use the powers they all now have. They were a team from the very beginning of their talk to right now. They were becoming stronger every person they met they were getting the powers and becoming a pack of wolves or lions.    


       They were better than that they were a pack of hyenas they were a large group now going for the same prize of the final book. First they would have to sleep a good night sleep. In the morning Jevon and Christian were the first ones awake.They were ready to search for the treasurer of the final power. They were all had their opinion of what the power was going to be.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

       Christian had the best idea, he thought that it would give them fame and riches. Brandon just wanted to be back to normal after they found the book. Jevon wanted to be a superhero who lived forever.

December 21

hypnoteye chapter 13

Chapter 13: Where Am Eye Going to Find It? They just woke up and were ready to search. They had found food and ate it then they started the trek to find the book they were looking for. Then they saw a book they went and grabbed it and a army of wolves came out of nowhere and attacked them. Surprisingly they were not harmed they were just captured. They then found out. They were not even animals they were people that had the power and were trying to find the book.


This was not a good sign. They were pretty sure they were not going to find the book first now that they knew there was others. When they got to their prison cell, they were surprised how easy it was to break the chain. Everything was made out of deerskin and vines that were not very strong. “I am surprised that they put all of us in the same prison cell.” said Toby. When they all were out of their chains, they escaped out the back of the prison cell that they were in.


When they walked a fair distance, they knew that they were lost in the jungle. The first thing they knew that they had to do was build a fort and a fire. They sent Christian, Brandon and Jevon to find a good tree to make the fire and then find the right wood for the fort.

December 21

hypnoteye chapter 14

Chapter 14: Eye See a Clue Book. They were looking for wood when they found a clue book with a clue of where the book was hidden. They picked it up and brought it to the other at the fort. They were all lifting their spirits when they came running back with a book. When they found out it was only a hint to where the book lay their spirits dropped but they still had hope to find the book. So they read what the book said. “The book you seek is in one of the twenty cave pictures you see here, and some math questions.” With all of the math done, the book gave them these three pictures as the final conclusion.

“Now we just have to find out where these caves are!” said Toby. Then Brandon turned into a computer, which was very surprising! Then Jevon turned into a map, And christian a computer genius found the coordinates of the caves on the computer then the map.

December 21

hypnoteye the final chapter

Chapter 15: Eye see it. The first cave when they found it was about two miles long and was really straight. There was not too many traps in this cave. Then they went searching for the next cave to search then ran into their old nest and said to themselves “Be careful for that tribe like group.” They were able to get through without being spotted. But now they had to find the next cave.


They ran into a few more areas with traps we supposed were traps the tribal team setup to catch us when we escaped. Like they knew that we were going to escape. They would’ve had no time to set it up from the time that we left. Tne they found a clue book. It said the last cave no matter what was going to be the cave with the book. They found the next cave all it was.


It was a den for the people that held us captive they had way better prison cells there. So they went to the next cave still running into traps got there even with the traps. They went into the cave it was a dark cave and there were bats that kept flying out at them. Then they saw the book it was a book that made your life normal and gave you back the hypnoteye.

              The End

December 1

Hypnoteye chapter 7

Chapter 7:Now Eye Have Know Clue What to do! Now that they have the thing we were looking for, a shark came roaring towards them, so now they are clueless of what to do, and a shark is coming to put them out of there misery. When the shark was fifty yards away they were scared as ever. Each of them were thinking how are we going to get out of here.

Then the shark opens his jaws and then a person came out of nowhere and punched the shark in the jaw and said “Are you okay?” said the man. “Yes we are okay, thank you. What is your name?” They replied. “My name is Joseph, what are yours?” said Joseph. “Well this is a friend of ours that we met named Amy, and this is my friend from school, named Max. My name is Toby.” Toby said. “Nice to meet you Toby.” After that the shark woke up and ran away.” Little did they know there was another shark hiding in the corner watching. “What I can not believe is there are ten more guarding this book.”

Toby thought for a second and said, “We could use some help getting that book. We have been looking for it.” said Toby. “Why do you want it? Is it important?” replied Joseph. “YES!!!!!!! Well it is a book that I lost when I was swimming here a while ago studying the sea life.” replied Toby. He finally decided to come and help them get passed the sharks. When they went about a yard forward, the shark behind them that was hiding attacked them, and missed everyone, so he punched him in the snout again, and nothing happened so they were swimming away from this shark, With the shark chasing after them. “This book better be worth it.”

Joseph said. “Oh it will definitely be good enough for this if we even get it.” said Max. So they kept on swimming away from the shark. Even when they swam as hard as they could the shark kept on catching up till he was right on there heels. He takes a bite right out of the something and there was blood everywhere the shark went. He had caught a huge fish so easily. “We must only hope the shark does not come back for more” said Toby. They knew if they did not get moving they would be sitting ducks if the shark comes back, so they left that spot in well right away.

December 1

Hypnoteye chapter 8

Chapter 8: Where is meye safe spot?… They swam and swam until they were a safe enough distance away. Then they swam some more and some more. They were so tired and said “How far do we have to go to find this book?” said Max “Not too far from here I’m sure.” replied Toby. Then they entered this opening and Toby said


“Where are the sharks you told us about? “If they are real, how are we going to get passed them?” “We are going to sneak in and then hightail it out of there”said joseph.” When we get the book.” So they followed joseph threw the darkness of the cave. Then all of a sudden it got very bright and we saw all of the sharks. “ those sharks” said toby. They kept sneaking in when a shark noticed them and attacked full boar running into other sharks to catch them.


“Hey, there is a cave we can take cover in so we don’t get eaten.” When they got in they started to shake in fear when the shark hit the edge of the tunnel. They followed the  tunnel till it went straight up until it was so small you could barely see the exit it was very shiny. Something up there was to shiny for my eyes but not theirs so they went without toby. When they finally got the thing he said to toby “it is the book you wanted.” “ can you bring it down to me so I can see the book.” So that is what they did the book had an eagle and a pair of wings. Then all of a sudden they grew wings.