My Nominee For Best Blog: Week 9 Blog Challenge #16STUBC

My Favorite Blog

This is my favorite blog on the student blog challenge.  My favorite blog is Fernando’s blog.  Fernando’s blog is a very good blog, because it is very funny.  There are a lot of very good posts that you can read on his blog.  There is a powerpoint on his blog, the powerpoint is probably the funniest part of his blog.His blog is just so much fun,  the first time I went to his blog, I just wanted to stay there the whole time.

 WARNING: If you have loud and uncontrollable laughter, do not come to this blog.  If you come to this blog, you get a free tutorial of how to dab, in an extremely funny way.  If you want to come to his blog, I will give you the link to it right here WARNING: This blog has a Los Angeles Lakers background, so try to ignore it.  If you go to his blog, you will well agree that he has the best blog.   

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