What makes Ponyboy different from the rest of the greaser crew? Why are these good traits for a narrator of this story to have?

Ponyboy is different from the Greasers in many different ways. Ponyboy likes to read books for school and for fun. Ponyboy is also into watching movies by himself. He’s also is very intelligent academically in school and in the group. In the group he is shy and doesn’t talk very much with them. However, the Greasers aren’t very intelligent and almost all have dropped out of school. All the Greasers like to stick up for each other when one of them is in trouble. Also, the Greasers have to work and have jobs. The last thing is that all the Greasers like to smoke and drink. The reasons why these traits are good for a narrator to have is because Ponyboy is looking from being a Greaser but also being put with the Socs in school. So he sees life through both groups while the other Greasers would only see it through the Greaser point of view.



By: Ashton Martin

                                                                                   Second Amazing Universe Book

“What should I have for dinner?”  Wondered Mark. It was a warm Thursday night, and just then, there was a knock on the door.  A man in a black suit and tie, with dark dark sunglasses and a comb over, was at the door. He also had a walkie talkie on him.  “Mark Kenneth?” He said. “Here.” Said Mark. “I’m gonna ask you to come with me. Now.” The man exclaimed. “Why? I don’t wanna, that’s ridiculous.”  Wined Mark. “Kenneth, this is not a question, I am telling you now, come here, NOW.” Said the man. “Whatever.”


The next thing Mark knew, he was in a limousine, on a long haul to the middle of nowhere.  “Where are we going?” Asked Mark. “You’ll see.” Replied the man. A few hours later, they arrived at some kind of FBI place thing.  They went to a conference room, where there the president, secretary of state, and other people that looked like the man were there. There was also a huge screen to the left of them.  “A few hours ago we received contact from an alien known as Zaclee. He says that he will arrive at this exact location, and wants “Physical”to be here.” Said the president. “We have decided to pair you up with another strong hero from Brazil.”  Said some guy.


“NO!”  Shouted Mark.  “I don’t want to work with some snotty, stupid, overrated man who is nothing compared to me.”  Exclaimed Mark. “Well, like it or not, you’re working with him. He is right here.” Said the secretary of state. “His name is Jasper.”  Said some other guy. Jasper walked in. He was wearing a green and black shirt, and his leg muscles were huge. “Oh great. Some guy who i’m expected to work with.  Can I go home?” Asked Mark. “No, you will stay until we are done here.” Said the secretary. “Hi. I’m Jasper. I’m really good at kicking.” Said Jasper. “Well that is VERY fascinating but the thing is, I DO NOT CARE.”  Exclaimed Mark. “Behave.” Said some other other guy. “Well now that that is ov-” KABOOM!! The president was cut off, and cut into pieces. The whole building had collapsed. Everyone except for Mark and Jasper were dead. Some flying alien guy came out of the sky.  He was red, and had a jetpack vest with a huge blaster attached to it. He also had a long, straight head. His skin was scaley to.


“Well that takes care of that.”  Said the alien. TO BE CONTINUED…

The Global Goals

The Global Goals

By:  Ashton Martin

This in an article, in which I will be answering a few questions relating to the global goals.  The questions are… What are the global goals and why are they so important? What does being a responsible consumer mean, with examples and non examples?  What does peace mean to me? And finally… What do I think the world needs to be a better place?


What are the global goals and why are they so important?:

The global goals are 17 worldwide goals for sustainable development.  The global goals are, no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, and reduced inequalities.  Those are the first 10. The last 7 are sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water, life on land, peace and justice, and partnership for the goals. Those are the 17 global goals. The global goals are important because, they are the things that need to be accomplished to build a better future.


What does being a responsible consumer mean?:

Consumer responsibility is taking personal responsibility for the environmental costs of your lifestyle.  For example, paper. You probably have wasted paper once in your life. I know I have. When you did waste that paper, I bet you weren’t thinking about where that paper came from.  Paper comes from trees, and when you waste paper, it’s basically like wasting trees. You might think there is an unlimited amount of trees, when in reality, there really isn’t. So, what does being a responsible consumer mean?  Not wasting paper. Not throwing out extra food. You don’t consider the resources put into your food. And there probably isn’t an unlimited amount of it. Being a responsible consumer, is not wasting things. From pencils to Xbox’s.  An example: You are having dinner. Your mom made steak. You go and get a lot. You start eating, and you realize you got to much. You eat it anyway. A non example: You are having dinner. You’re mom made steak. You go and get a lot.  You eat some, and throw the rest away.


What does peace mean to me?:

What peace means to me, is no war, no nuclear threats, and global partnership.  If there was no war in this world, people wouldn’t need to worry. And not just here, in America where I am, I mean everywhere in the world.  People wouldn’t need to be afraid of their country getting nuked, or attacked. If there also was no war, everyone, ever country, every continent could just be allied together, as one.  Sure, we could never stop bad things from happening. We can’t stop a murder. We can’t stop a bank robbery, but we might be able to stop global war.


What do I think the world needs to be a better place?:

What I think the world needs to be a better place, is everyone.  If everyone puts in an effort, making the world a better place would be so easy.  However, I know not everyone will stop fighting, not everyone will stop polluting the ocean, there will always be one person.  But, if MOST people could help, it could happen. It will not be as easy, but it’s better then only a few organizations. In conclusion, I hope you now know a little bit more about how you can help save the world.


By: Ashton Martin
P.S.: This was supposed to be a comic book but i’m bad at drawing.
Enjoy the story!

July 7th: 1997. That was the date when a baby was born.  Before this baby could talk, or even walk, he could do 10,007 push ups, and 10,007 sit ups. This baby’s name was Mark Kenneth.

This baby, now being 21, is known as PHYSICAL. And that brings us to now, the present day. A day in which the planet Earth is being invaded by aliens, because of Marks strong power. He is so strong that in space, aliens can sense his power, and want to fight him. Now, no one knew why the aliens were coming though, so that’s a secret.

“Morning already?” Asked Mark. “Another day another death.” “Good thing it’s never my life.” Mark got up to do his 7 billion push ups and sit ups. Also his 7 billion mile run. Now, this didn’t take him very long, him being so fast and all. He runs around the same mile 7 billion times, and it takes about 10 minutes. It is also helpful to note, that he can do all these things, without breaking a sweat. “HEY, IT’S PHYSICAL!” Shouted some random dude. Mark was now in the grocery store. A huge crowd gathered around him to take pictures, and get his autograph and stuff. Mark was always wearing the same thing, so that’s how they recognized him.

Just then, a scream could be heard. Mark ran outside to find an alien spaceship, and an alien walked out. He was grey, and had many tentacles. “PHYSICAL, HELP!” Yelled a girl being terrorized by the beast. “Who are you?” Asked Mark casually. “I AM RENTIKINS!!!” The alien had an unearthly voice. “Oh.” Said Mark like it was no big deal. “I WILL BE YOUR DEATH!!!!” “Oh.” Said Mark again. Rentikens ate the girl, and the last thing you could hear was her scream. “NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!” Shouted the beast. “Nah.” Said Mark. A crowd gathered around, all talking about Physical, and theorising about why the aliens kept coming down. “Ok, goodbye.” Said Physical, not caring about the alien. With one punch, he vanquished the monster.  “YAY!” All the audience yelled. “Yeah yeah.” Mark was a little bit annoyed, but not really. “I’m going home.” He said as he walked away from the crowd.

TenderHill Wizarding School For The Gifted Year 1 part 2

“This spell is very basic. It is used to levitate items or for some odd reason if you needed to, float a human or animal.” Say it with me,Levitotion.” “Levitotion!” the class echoed back at him.“So , what’s you’re name Megan?” questioned Connor “Really you just said it.”She replied “Oh ya I di- “PAY ATTENTION, THIS SPELL MIGHT JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE SOME DAY!” Screamed prof. Terraced “So anyway do you wanna sit next to me at lunch today?” questioned Connor “Not a chance creep.” replied Megan “Then I’ll just sit by you.” Connor thought. Luke and Ashton giggled. Lunch time finally came. Luke and Ashton sat together like always, and waited for Connor. But then they found out that Connor wasn’t kidding, they looked down the table and saw Connor sitting next to Megan. And to there surprise she was laughing hysterically. But then all of the sudden people in black robes came swooping in on flying donkeys

Connor, Ashton and Luke all stood up and yelled “Levitotion.” they took out all three men by making them fly from the car into a wall. The headmaster, which was a tall man with a stubby nose. He had spectacles with a tall jet black hat. “Luke, I would like to see you in my office.” “But Connor, and Ashton also helped use the spell outside of class.” mumbled Luke.” “Then I would like to see you all in my office.” As the three of them trotted down the long hall beside the headmaster, they horrible thoughts, such as “Will we be expelled or suspended.” All of the sudden, a huge fire starts, and the fire alarms go off everyone left the school. And the whole school was destroyed. You say what happens next.

TenderHill Wizarding School For The Gifted Year 1 Part 1

TenderHill Wizarding School For The Gifted Year 1 Part 1


By:Ashton Connor, And Luke

Connor,Luke and Ashton were all young apprentices in Tenderhill school of magic.  Ashton and Connor were in the class of black magic, and Luke was practicing in magic. Incase you aren’t familiar with these classes. Black magic is done with your hands, but magic is done with a wand, and words.  But there is a type of Purple Magic.  A magic above all others.  Well here is the story.  “ Come on Connor were going to be late for class!!!” said Ashton “Alright I’m coming. Let me get on my robes.”  just like that Connor appeared at the door way with a flick of his fingers. “Come on Luke!”  “YOU FORGOT YOUR SPELL BOOKS CONNOR” said Ashton  “I’ll see you guys later I guess.” Said Luke  “Hey Connor you promised I could practice on you tonight.”  “NO NO NO YOU CAN’T CONNOR, you know that we will get a major yelling if a magic spell, touches a person that is uses black magic” said Ashton  “Then go ahead and switch, But you’ve got to do a series of rituals.” replied Connor.   


“Well I’m going to class, oh no, he is here!” Shouted Ashton “WHO IS HERE!?!” questioned Connor  “Trey is here, you know the one who uses PURPLE MAGIC!!!”  “He has normal magic, black magic, and psychic ability!” answered Ashton. “Sorry to ruin the party guys but I’m out of here, Going to switch classes.” said Luke, anxiously.  “Why are you people out of class ANYWAY, you better get down, or…”he was cut off by the three of us scrambling out of the room and down the hall.  “HEY YOU CAN’T ESCAPE ME!  TELEMNIA!”  Poof! He teleported right to them. Then with a flick of his wrist he petrified us, right there.  “Now I have proof of your misbehaving problems . Should I say that you were messing around with magic and accidentally petrified yourselves. That’s a nifty way to get expelled isn’t it.”  “Year 2 spells aren’t that good. TELEMNIA is year 2? Wow!”  “Ya but when you use them right.” said trey slyly  Do you even know what year I am, year 5!”  “That’s it, ABRAKADABRA!” Yelled Luke  PEW! A magic bolt shot right at Trey.  “Wow worst spell in the book.”


“That doesn’t even AFFECT me anymore! I used a counter spell for that on me 2 years ago. No more electrocution for 4 hours straight.” said Trey.  “I’m sorry young wizards, but now it’s time to die. Just kidding, I will save that for latwersaz …”  “WHAT DO YOU THINK you’re DOING! YOU GET THREE GET TO CLASS!” said  up with  Professor Terrace.  Trey used an invisibility spell on himself, so he wouldn’t get caught.  “Turn your spell books to page 447.”  Said Prof.Terence.  “Today we will learn a new charm, the invisible shield charm.  Now you will be practicing this spell all seven years, because the more years you use this spell, the more powerful it becomes.  Now I will

put you into groups of 2.”  


All said by Prof.Terence.  “Oh shoot, who’s going to be with me?” Questioned Connor. “If Luke and Ashton are partnered, than who am I with?” Connor asked Prof. Terrace.  “You will be partnered with Megan Minkowski                                                                                                                                                .” he replied.  “This could work.”


To be continued…