U.S.A VS Brazil

USA                                                                                                Brazil

Food:They eat fast food. They do not eat fast food.
Company:Do not really like company Love company
Flag :Red,White ,Blue.Stripes and stars.Square flag. Has a white globe with stars as in night sky.Green Yellow and White
Sports:Calls football soccer Calls football futball.
School:K-12 and go to school for 13 years Go to school for eight years.
Lifespan:Lives up to 90 years average 32 average
Capatal:Capital Washington D.C Capital Brazil

My Experience In VR


  My experience in V.R was remarkable.I got to see the Amazon Rain forest. We  learned a lot of stuff like the Amazon River is one of the most longest rivers. This helped my learning by being able to experience the text to understand the main idea.I think this is a great way to learn.Above you can see the work I did with the V.R and the text.

More Like The 3 Mean Pigs

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs……wait wait wait that is not the true story ! This is the true story !!!  


   I was walking around in the enchanted forest .  I saw a 3 houses made out of cheese fries , pizza , and brick .   I have not eaten for days.  The cheese running down the greasy french fry house,The delicious smell of the greasy pizza.  But there was one brick house made of hard solid bricks.


       So when I went over there they ran to their houses.  Little pig little Pig Can I come in  your house I said they said not by the smell of my  cheese burger house.   Then i,ll chop and i’ll bite and i,ll eat it all down.   But when I bit into the house the first pig ran to the second  pig’s house.     


    I was full and I could eat anymore so  I waited 3 days and after that I was hungry again.  So I went to the next house.  Little pigs little pigs can I come in your house?   Noe grease  of my pizza house!  Than i’ll chomp and i’ll bite and i’ll eat your house down.  But when I bit into the house the first and the second pig ran to the third pig,s house.


      I was full and I could not eat any more so I waited 3 days after that I was hungry again.  So I went to the next pig,s house. The last house was just regular wood.  I still smelled something yummy.  The 3 pigs were making stew.  Little pigs little pigs can I come in you’re house.  NOOOOO!!! They all seid.  I cried.  Then I said I’m just hungry and There is a drought so there is no animals to eat!!!!  Will let you in if you don’t eat us the 3 pigs seid.  I will not I promise !!!  I seid.       


    They let me in then chomp I ate them all up.  As I was enjoying the feast the bear cops were sniffing out my tracks.  Then they found me and put me to jail.
                     Morle of the story: Never trust anyone you don’t know,and do not make your house out of food.


arctic-wolf-1850247_640pictures from pixabay

I was just hungry I did not mean no damage