Cloud Namer

                                                                                       There was a man who named the clouds   

                                                                                      He was wowed by the look of the clouds 

                                                                                                      He studied very hard

                                                                                                   And he sat in his backyard

                                                                                                      And looked up at the sky

                                                                                                         To see the clouds fly by

                                                                                                    The amazing shapes he saw

                                                                                                  As he standed  there and awed

                                                                                                   So many in the atmosphere

                                                                                                    He studied for many years

                                                                                                   Then he found names for all

                                                                                                And is what they were  called

                                                                                   Cumulus,Cirrus, Stratus,and cumulonimbus

clouds at sun set


pictures from                                                                                                                                    colorful-sunset-1890232/

#16 STUBC:The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

   It is the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas!Christmas is when we go with family and open presents.Christmas is December 25th and Christmas Eve is the 24th.Santa comes through the night leaving presents for girls and boys.An his wish was to give every boy and girl a toy. I think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

   One of the things you get to do Christmas Eve is that we wrap presents and put out chocolate chip cookies.Then you try to go to bed really early at like 8:00 pm so you can wake up really early.Then before that you can put out reindeer food for reindeer to eat.

On Christmas morning you  wake up really early at like 2:00 a.m and sneak out to  the living room and see what you got.You might usually end up with extra cookies so you can eat them.Also you  see who got the biggest present.Then you have to go quietly back to sleep.

  Then  you can go to different houses and celebrate.Christmas is a good holiday. What I listed is what I do.What do you celebrate and do?

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