STUBC:My Commuities

              My Communiy

I am part of 5 communities inside school and 1 community outside school.Communities can connect to other communities.Some of mine connect to other communities.

   The 5 communities that I am apart of is Release time,Orchestra,4th grade team,Blue ball community,and special he spartans community. Release time connects to church.Orchestra connects to Spartan Strings,Fourth grade team connects to Blue Ball,Blue Ball is part of East Earl.

       The 1 community I am in is girl scouts 179.Also that is part girl scout USA heart of pennsylvania.Which is also part of Ephrata.

I was part of 1 other community.I was in cheerleading.I cheered for the spartans.I do not want to join another community for now.

I like my community and I want to stick with it.

badges-1300127_640my favorite from pixabay.#16Stubc

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