Merry Christmas

                               Merry Chistmas From Emily

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                                       See You in 2017!

Sweet Land Part 1 The Sweet Storm Arrives:Based on Cloudy And A Chance Of Meatballs

    Once upon a time at Sweetacoco Valley.There was a school called Kripy Elementary school .There was a teacher named Miss.Marsh and in her class she had 26 kids.Her best student was Smarty.He was the smartest.There school was made out of rice crispy treats.They were learning about the national sweet bell (NSB).

¬† ¬†And suddenly,ring ring the bell rang.School was done for the day.Gumball, Melly ,Cocoa,and Smarty gathered up to think to build something for there school project.Smarty said,”about a food machine”.”What should it do”?Melly said.”It should make it rain food and we will put it in the sky and and..”Smarty said.”Okay,we get it”Cocoa said.”Also can it be brown and white”?Cocoa said.”Yes”,Smarty and Melly said.”Lets start building’!,they all said positively.Beep,rrrrrrr,bump,bump,bump.Done,now lets activate it.”Wait right there,we need to wait until the science fair”Cocoa said.

¬† The next day,”Laddies and gentlemen, welcome to are 50th annual Science fair!”Said Miss Marsh.”Are first inventors is Gumball,Melly,Coca,and Smarty with there food machine”,said Miss Marsh.

 Smarty:This is the Food Machine 3000.

Gumball:You just need to pour Chocolate milk into the machine and type the food you want.

             Melly: Lets say I want doughnuts,Type it in and there you go

              Coca: Doughnuts for  everyone!

       Smarty,Gumball,Melly,Coca: Thank You


20 people later,”The winners of the annual 50th science fair is Smarty’s group,congratulations!Said Miss Marsh.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†To be continued…..¬†¬†



Deforestation Is Happening!

  I think deforestation is a concern that kids should worry about.Deforestation is the clearing of forest on a large scale.It occurs mostly in tropical rain forest. If deforestation continues,it will take less than one-hundred years to destroy tropical rain forest.


      Kids should worry about deforestation because if all the rain forest get cut down by loggers,all the animals will come extinct.If we cut down trees it will let Carbon Dioxide into the air.


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†The biggest cause of tropical deforestation is subsistence agriculture,converting the land into pasture for livestock or to grow crops to provide for one’s family. ¬†Some may argue because to grow crops they need a flat surface of land they need to cut down more trees to lead to deforestation.



       Also there are other multitude purposes for deforestation like both direct and indirect for deforestation.For example to improve transportation routes, access to loggers,settlers,and large scale commercial activities. Kids should worry about deforestation because to create stuff such as farm land,they need to cut down trees.

     Deforestation is a concern that kids should worry about because if it continues at its current rate,it will take less than 100 years to destroy all rain forest. If we cut down trees for requirements such as paper and farmland, all of the rain forest will run out.  


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A Holiday Sing Along Party


Please join us for our holiday sing along celebration. ¬†There are fun crafts and many yummy treats. ¬†We will be singing and dancing to Jingle bells, Santa claus is coming to town, Rudolph the rednose reindeer, ¬†the 12 days of christmas, ¬†and more! ¬†Come and sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want. ¬†¬†After that he will give you a candy cane /ornament. ¬†There will be a big surprise at the end! ¬†¬†But we won‚Äôt tell you what it is! ¬†Please bring stuff for our toys for tots donation.

When: Saturday December 24th 2016

Where: 63 Emily Lane Cherry Hill

Time: 6:00 – 10:00 pm

What to bring: Your favorite kind of cookie,  Hot drinks, and stuff for kids Who are less fortunate at   Christmas time

The Ten Days Of Christmas

 On the first day of Christmas Santa gave to me a karaoke Machine.

  On the second day of Christmas Santa gave to me a Little Live Bird that tweets.

On the third day of Christmas Santa gave to me a $20 gift card to Sheets.

   On the fourth day of Christmas Santa gave to me a Movie Maker Machine.

   On the fifth day of Christmas Santa gave to me a Cappuccino Machine.

     On the sixth day of Christmas Santa gave to me a teddy bear that cuddles with me.

On the seventh day of Christmas Santa gave to me a Candy Cane with candy.

 On the eighth day of Christmas Santa gave to me a Turkey that is ready to eat .

On the ninth day of Christmas Santa gave to me a pet doggy with a leash

That is the 10 days of Christmas,what do you want for Christmas?

This is my puppy from the 10 days of Christmas

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Farwell Student Blog Challange

I made lots of progress over the last 10 weeks of the Student Blog Challenge.Here is my progress report.

I wrote 39 post.9 for STUBC(not counting this one).And 23 for my teacher.There were 8 post that got the most of the comments.I think that happen because those are my best posts.My favorite post was My Thanksgiving Tradition.These are the ones that got the most comments,On The Fields Of Strawberry Lake,Christopher Columbus Voyage Of A Lifetime,and Goals For 4th Grade.They all got 4 comments .The one page I wrote was goals for 4th grade.I think they got the most because those are through the year, I improved through each one.

I got 10 comments from students,14 from overseas and 0 from teachers.6 from classmates .I responded to 8 comments .I have 127 visitors.98 from the United States .20 from Australian from Canada:1 from United Kingdom: 1 from Japan:2 from Quatar. I visited 30 blogs .

I have 8 widgets,I do not think that I have too much or too little . I use my recent post one so they do not need to scroll down.I use my comments to see new ones.I use my STUBC badge to show I am apart of that . I have my visitors to see how much I increased. I have my avatar to show who I am . And class blogs for my class mates.And global classes to visit and same for Global Students .

I changed my blog theme at home to show some holiday spirit,also it seems more organized . Farewell Student Blog Challenge until next year

Blogging Nomination WK 9 STUBC

 I think that the best class blog is Qatar International School.I pick them because they have so much good post and visuals.My favorite post on there blog was Bethany Hamilton by Jana.Here is a link for that post

I think the best student blog is Ella from Australia. She has good post like It is Beginning To Look Like Christmas.Come check it out at   

        This is who I think should win the blogging award.

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Cloud Namer

                                                                                       There was a man who named the clouds   

                                                                                      He was wowed by the look of the clouds 

                                                                                                      He studied very hard

                                                                                                   And he sat in his backyard

                                                                                                      And looked up at the sky

                                                                                                         To see the clouds fly by

                                                                                                    The amazing shapes he saw

                                                                                                  As he standed  there and awed

                                                                                                   So many in the atmosphere

                                                                                                    He studied for many years

                                                                                                   Then he found names for all

                                                                                                And is what they were  called

                                                                                   Cumulus,Cirrus, Stratus,and cumulonimbus

clouds at sun set


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#16 STUBC:The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

¬†¬†¬†It is the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas!Christmas is when we go with family and open presents.Christmas is December 25th and Christmas Eve is the 24th.Santa comes through the night leaving presents for girls and boys.An his wish was to give every boy and girl a toy. I think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

   One of the things you get to do Christmas Eve is that we wrap presents and put out chocolate chip cookies.Then you try to go to bed really early at like 8:00 pm so you can wake up really early.Then before that you can put out reindeer food for reindeer to eat.

On Christmas morning you  wake up really early at like 2:00 a.m and sneak out to  the living room and see what you got.You might usually end up with extra cookies so you can eat them.Also you  see who got the biggest present.Then you have to go quietly back to sleep.

  Then  you can go to different houses and celebrate.Christmas is a good holiday. What I listed is what I do.What do you celebrate and do?

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Why Abraham Was Important

  Lincoln  was our 16th president .  I think he was one of  the most important president of all time .  Here are 3 reasons why I think Abraham was the most important president in history .

¬†¬†¬†¬†One reason I think Lincoln was an important part of history is because he brought the country back together in the Civil War also to end slavery . ¬†He won the war . ¬†He lead the people of America out of slavery and saved everybody’s life. ¬†He did this by setting a meeting with other people signing a law saying that you can not own slaves in the U.S.A .

     The other reason I think Lincoln was an important part of history is because He spoke the Gettysburg  address .  Almost Everyone was there.  It is one of the most famous speeches .  He spoke that speech on November 19,1863 .  

     The last reason I think Lincoln was an important part of history is because he said that woman should be aloud to vote.  He helped woman by helping them so they could get the freedom to vote.  

      This is why Lincoln was an important part of history.

        Facts from and .

The Lincon Memorial

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