My Thanksgiving Tradition

My family has a Thanksgiving tradition and this is what it is

First in the morning we watch the Macy’s parade.It is very awesome because it has music and floats.Then my dad makes his famous eggs over potatoes and toast.Yum it is so good.Then me and my brother play until it is time to go to grandma’s house.

When we get ready we kinda take a long time.So we get ready and we go to my grandma’s for lunch.It is like a buffet it has turkey,roles ,mash potatoes,gravy,corn,carrots,green beans,ham,stuffing,and pumpkin pie.My grandma makes it.We sit down and eat wile watching football.My aunt comes my uncles.

Then we go home and get the Christmas tree out.We fix it up and put the oramas on.Then we put the candy canes and star on.

In the afternoon I go to my other grandma’s for thanksgiving.It isn’t like a regular thanksgiving with turkey and stuffing we have chicken rice and pastels.(fried bananas)They live in Lancaster and we usually talk at the table.It is only me,my brother Joey,my mom,grandma,granpa,uncle

I like my Thanksgiving and I think it is unique.I hope you enjoy yours!

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