#16STUBC WK 7:My School Life

My school is probably a little different from yours but it does not mean it is not as great.I go to Blue Ball Elementary school in East Earl Pennsylvania U.S.A .In my opinion it is a great school.

we switch 2-3 times a day for reading,math,and intervention.We go some places as a whole class like,special,lunch,recces,assemblies,drills, and more.

My daily routine at school

First we go to reading to 9:10-11:40.In reading,We learn to read and write.We need to do some stuff to learn like some of these include Kid Biz,Goggle Class room,and star.We also learn some  grammar like pass tense.Also we learn conventions like isn’t is is not.We also do some very cool stuff like VR. VR stands for vertrul reality glasses.You hook your phone up and look through them.It looks very cool!Also for spelling words we use spelling city to take pre-test and post test.Then you get a list with 24 words to practice.

Next We have special to 11:40-12:30.We have 5 specials,gym,music,art,library,and S.T.E.M.In gym we Do lots of activities.Some things we do is the shuffle run .In the shuffle run they pick 2 people to start wile the others pick from a variety of activities like rope swing, jump rope ,rock wall,and cup stack.Wile the people at the shuffle run get timed and run to the end of the gym get a bean bag and run back and they do that 2 times,after that they write down there score .In art we weave and paint also play with clay.Art we get very creative.In music  we sing songs like over the rivers and through the woods,and play instruments,like triangle,megaphone,glockenspiel.In library we learn about books and get books.Also in S.T.E.M we build stuff.STEM stands for science, technology,engineering,and mathematics.

Then 12:-12:55 we have science,in science we learn about Pennsylvania.About coal and mining.They have 2 different kinds of mining: strip and underground mining.Strip mining is when you take land of  then get coal and you replace the land.Underground mining is when you drill 2 holes and 1 person goes down a hole an gets coal and a machine picks it up.

Then at 12:55-1:25 is recces and lunch.Most people at recces wait for lunch.At lunch we have 2 lines choice 1 and choice 2.You get salads in line 2.We can have 3-5 lunch items.Then we just talk and eat are lunch.Then at the end we pick someone carry the bin.

Then at 1:30-3:00 is math.We sometimes do kahoot,star,xtra math. We been working on long division.We do time test and keep track of them on a graph.

2:30-3:00 is break.We do kick ball, and 4 square.Are break is 20 minutes long.Then the whistle blows we run to the door.

3:00-3:20 back to math.We do xtramath and ST maths  for the rest of the time.

That is my school life!

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  1. Hi Emily,
    This is Chloe from Chloe’s Blog. Your school sounds so much fun. My question for you is what is intervention? Thanks
    Love Chloe

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