The Story Of Killian And The Seven Mouth Old Child


 Dogs are very courageous animals.  They have saved many people’s lives.  This is a story about a dog that saved a little boy’s life.  This is the story of Killian and the 7 Month old child.

 In South Carolina a babysitter was put in jail this week after a dog named Killian started growling at her making the parents of a baby named Finn unsure.  The babysitter Alexis Khan had been working for the family for 5 months.  The parents ran a background check on Alexis before giving her the job.  It came up clear.

   They noticed the dog was protective when the babysitter.  He would snarl and stand between the babysitter and Finn.  His black fur  stand  up  when the babysitter was there. They new something was wrong.

    So Finn’s parents placed their I phone under the couch recording what they babysitter did and said.  What the herd and found out was shocking!!

   They heard the babysitter saying really bad words to the baby.  The baby was crying and there was shaking and slapping noises in the background. They called the police and she got put in jail.

    This dog got a medal for saving their child’s life. It said,the best dog.


    I think this dog is really the best dog. Dogs are fun to have around but they are also very useful to humans. They can save people from almost anything.  Dogs are great don’t you think?

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